EYEDEX (Early Years Education Exhibition) is being held in Conrad Hotel Dubai this year which was participated by some nurseries. It’s a 2 day exhibition from May 13 – 14 (10am – 6pm) and a free event for all. Upon registration you’ll get a goodie bag.


Few of the nurseries I went to gather some information since we’re looking for ours as well were Chubby Cheeks, British Orchard Nursery, Roots and Wings Nursery, Tiny Feet, Horizon Kids Nursery, Happy Home Nursery, Active Mindz & British Sparks. They explained about their curriculum, standards, offers, fee structures, etc. They got some freebies as well for the kids. Among these our little one felt at home with Tiny Feet. He got busy playing to the point that he never felt we were not around him anymore (feeling a bit relieved).

Visitors can have some refreshments also like water, coffee and tea. There’s face painting for kids, balloons, games, play areas from some nurseries and some competitions.

This was my first time to attend an event like this. I can say it’s well-organized and helpful for parents who are looking for the perfect nursery for their children in one stop.

Make sure you won’t miss this kind of event! Like their page in EYEDEX FACEBOOK and definitely you’ll be updated with their upcoming activities and events.




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