Marhababy Box

2 Persil 300ml bottles were forgotten in this pic 😬

Have you ever heard of Marhababy box? When I was pregnant that’s the time I came to know them which was the right time for me. I got so engaged with Facebook that I came across their Fb Page and scroll along their Website. During that time they were partnered with Babyshop where you can pick it up on the nearest branch near you. However now it’s better because with Souq they will deliver it to you right to your doorstep.

Now let me tell you about this box. It comes with two editions. There’s the Pregnancy Box for pregnant moms and it’s filled with samples from different sponsors for you and your upcoming baby. The other one is the Baby Edition where it contains samples for your baby up to 1 yr old.

For you to be able to get this, you have to do the registration Online and wait for an email confirmation from them. You’ll receive an sms soon approximately 2 working days stating that your free box is on its way to you. Awesome isn’t it?

Marhababy also attends some events where you can claim it as well. So you better make sure you follow them to stay updated. Do visit their website for some time to time offers and competitions that for sure you don’t want to miss!

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