Fetchr to the rescue!

Havent you had problems with couriers company? Like you have to call them several times to make follow up of your parcel or for pick up? Haven’t you wished that you’ll stop wondering when the delivery will come? Could it be he’s lost or he’s been calling up a different person all the while? The worst part is, you’ll receive a call from them, saying “Sorry madam, we don’t have service in your area”. So it’s like a Bang! hit me. Why they will take it from the sender from the start? ( I really asked them this and they’re speechless ) So I ended up asking my hubby to pick it up from their branch.

Now late last year, I discovered FETCHER company. It was one of the packages that was delivered to me through them. I got an sms saying I have a delivery coming and so I just need to click the link and confirm my address and delivery date and time. And there it came smoothly to our house. Without even calling and asking for the instruction of my location which most of the time courier guys do. On my part I never did a call too! Everything was just done through the app Android or iOS which is so convenient to use. Very easy to understand and follow. Delivery charge starts from AED 30 depending from the weight of your item. How to use the app click for the video on how to SEND a package. How to fetch click for the video for FECTH package.

Now the best part is they do have free delivery or fetch for first time users. Use #shipfree code on the promo code before executing your transaction. Nowadays they do also have this latest promo where you can get a free GLAMBOX with your transaction. Use #Glambreak as your voucher code and this is still running for the next two weeks. I got an update for this today through mail. Do follow them on Facebook , Instagram & Twitter so you won’t miss any updates. They do run competitions sometimes by the way.

Photo credit from Fetchr

With FETCHR it’s not all about delivering package to or from you. They help people who have small business or just starting up. Check this For Business and their Website for full information.

There’s great thing about them too! You can also sell stuffs from Sellr .You don’t have to think about creating your site, the inventory, payments, delivery and all. You just have to make an account, create your store name and start posting. Do check it out it might fit your plans.


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