Let’s do some TaskSpotting

It’s a cool trend nowadays being a Taskspotter. But I know still there are some people who are not aware of this. There’s a superb app called Taskspotting . All you have to do is to accomplish all missions you get on time and make sure you share them on social media with the corresponding hashtag(s) (It will show you which hashtag it is). Your location on mobile must always be on so you won’t miss any mission. Sometimes they do inform you of the latest mission however sometimes they don’t. Just refresh your LIST tab and do it everyday. Download App

Now the catch here is that, there’s Brand Ambassador that they call. You’ll get an awesome sample of their product if they choose you. The product will be delivered to you by FETCHR without any headaches.

This was my first brand I got from my doorstep


Second brand
3rd brand

With every mission you finished and shared you’ll be rewarded with points. At the end of the month they make a raffle and there’s corresponding prizes to the winners. There are 2 grand winners as well. From time to time they do run competitions too on their social media accounts. So you better follow all these to stay updated. Twitter Instagram Facebook

They do have latest sampling product that’s up for grabs which is PONDS and QUAKER OATS. So what are you waiting for?


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