Protect your little ones head with SAFEHEAD Baby Gear

We do have big concern when it comes to protecting our baby’s head from getting hurt because of unforeseen accidents. Such as hitting his head and from falling. Especially when they start to crawl onwards so many instances that he can end up hurting himself. It was the same stage when I started searching for something that I can put on his head. I even literally told my husband that we have to buy helmet for him (hahaha!). And there it was I found the SAFEHEAD Baby Gear.


It’s totally perfect! You know why? First of all its light and flexible. So it’s not giving any pressure on the baby’s developing head. It’s adjustable with the strap on the chin. Breathable and have ventilation through this holes that you can see on the gear. It has the concept of the Beetle.

With this on your baby’s head, you can have the peace of mind of leaving him for awhile and giving him independence to play around. It’s a stylish looking gear with 4 vibrant colors you can choose from as you can see below image.


Taken from Google Image

Its available in Babyshop, Hamleys and Toys R Us. For BabyShop through online you’ll get 25% off so from 179AED it’s only for 134AED now.

There’s a competition going on right now for this and it’s up for grab! They were shortlisted for Best Baby and Toddler Gear Award 2016 in Health and Safety at home category. Go ahead and vote ! Make your account after clicking the link then can vote for them. Next, head over to their Facebook share the post and comment at the same time. That’s it! You’ll be in. Of course don’t forget to like their page to continuously be updated from them.

Our little one is featured on their website

Try to visit their Website too. For more reviews of other parents like us.


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