For a change: GOSH Mineral Powder

This is my first review for this month for makeup. Let’s start with Gosh Mineral Powder. I was wondering when I got this, like its a what? Powder like as in powder on your face, foundation, blush on or something else. So it’s actually a mineral powder foundation and I got this in LifeStyle shop in the mall for around 85AED. However, right now it’s 25% off online and you can get it for 63AED only. It’s a lightweight product for 8g and you can just pop it in your bag.


It’s a loose powder which has a silky texture so it glides smoothly on your face as you apply it. From the image above, I have used No. 008 Tan shade. From my arm, the top is the color before applying and below one is after blending on your skin. Amazing isn’t it? Most importantly it’s parables free and cruelty product.

It has 3 more other colors such as No. 002 Ivory, 004 Natural and 006 Honey. It’s good for oily and combination skin type.

With its seal inside as shown above image, you can control how much you want to use.   And for the full coverage you really need a little amount only with the brush and it has matte finishing. I apply this with a primer before it so it can help also to hide some scars on your face.

Do check Gosh Arabia on Instagram for more of their products.


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