The Ultimate Stay Make Up by Misslyn (24 h)

I’ve been trying out different foundations for my skin. I’ve mentioned previously that I have an oily type. So, for liquid foundation I found Misslyn’s Ultimate Stay Make Up which is lasting for 24 hrs without refreshing up.

This is suitable for almost all skin types such as oily, sensitive and normal because it’s oil free and fragrance free. Which is a product from Germany.

Before and after application

It is available in 6 shades from 110 Light Beige Rose, 140 Light Honey Beige, 225 Medium Beige Rose, 260 Medium Golden Beige, 330 Dark Rosy Teint & 345 Dark Honey Beige containing 30 ml. The application of this is so easy with your sponge blender and it gives you a matte finishing. What’s perfect on this, is that you’ll not feel you’re wearing it because it’s so light on the skin. And this is what I’ve always looking for. I don’t like that heavy feeling on my face that reminds you, that you have a make up on. I’ve noticed also that while applying it, it melts or close to like the skin is absorbing it and just leaving the color on top of the skin. I’m not quite sure yet if how it is when worn under the sun though. I’ll definitely make an update here.

I’m using the 260 as shown on the above image and I got it from Lifestyle store for 76AED and if you take it from online it’s now on sale for 25% discount. So it’s down to 57AED.



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