Live life with Nature: Anantara Al Sahel Villa Resort in Sir Bani Yas Island

It was just a right timing for us to decide to go for a family weekend nature trip while it’s not that super hot here in UAE. We chose to have 2 nights stay in Al Sahel Villa Resort in Sir Bani Yas Island. Although we’re in Abu Dhabi already, it still took us for almost 3 hrs drive. We were opting by flight but nothing was available on those days.

So I planned everything, from the resort that we’ll be staying, the room, restaurants, boat transfers and the activities that will be engaging to while staying there. Communication were all through email and they’re very prompt in replying and giving info that all I need. They made everything smooth for me.

We reached the island at around 9pm already. Tired and exhausted but worth the effort. We left the car in their car parking off the island because we have to use a ferry boat to reach the main island. You can have the option to take your car along with you however there’s additional charge for it. It took 15-20mins ride because it’s still 8 kms away from there. Now going to our resort there’s a car already waiting for us to send us there and it’s about 10 mins.


Sir Bani Yas Island area is 87 km sq. It’s wild nature park alone is  41 km sq. The resort where we stayed has an African and Arabian concept. The villa interior is mostly made up of bamboo and wood.

If you’re not aware of the amenities yet before coming, you’ll find informative books, brochures and pamphlets inside your villa aside from the information given from the reception. Wifi connection is done at one time. After that, any area you go that has internet connection it will get connected automatically.

At the back of the villa you’ll find your own private plunge pool which our little darling enjoyed a lot. You can request to change the temperature if necessary from the reception. They’ll send someone to do it.

Housekeeping service is done twice without requesting in a day. So better to leave your valuable belongings in the vault if planning to be out for a long time.

Savannah Grill is the restaurant in the resort. It’s an international buffet for breakfast starting from 6.30am – 10.30am. But of course it does serves lunch and dinner as well. There are few animals roaming around the area freely which are not dangerous such as peacocks and gazelles. There are other restaurants that you may like aside from this and they are located in different resorts within the island. Just inform the reception earlier, make a booking as well as for the transfer.

For the Nature Wild trip drive it takes 1.30 hrs to see it full together with the up close photo taking. The staff will give you information of all these species which most of the facts will be new to your ears. There’s complimentary refreshments offered and it cost 250AED/adult and 100AED/child.

On our way back which was dinner time already we tried the Al Shams restaurant which is in the Desert Island resort. It got the nice view of the beach and pool.

This restaurant serves Lebanese and Arabic cuisine. We had Hummus with meat & Mix grill. We sat outside because of the view however it’s not ideal once it’s dark because it’s dark!

Overall it was a perfect weekend holiday for us. Memorable indeed and relaxing. Go over their website everything you need for booking and requests you can find it there. Just exactly what I did. I hope you’ll have fun too and if you have been here already please do share on the comment below. Would love to hear from you. Ask me as well and I’ll give my best to answer it.


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