Tie up your each month with the dose of Connector Dubai & Discover Dubai

Better not to miss these magazines from Connector Dubai and Discover Dubai every month guys! It’s not only free, it’s delivered to your doorsteps as well. Sign up here and fill up your details. It’s best to choose to receive both magazines which I’m pretty sure you’ll find it very useful.

Connector Dubai’s June Edition is about the Holy month of Ramadan and Summer as shown on the above image. So you’ll find mostly about Ramadan such as dining places for iftar and suhoor, tips for fasting, do’s and dont’s , health topics, summer camps, jobs, directory, competitions, and much more!

Now, Discover Dubai is there for you to give you all the information you need in roaming around the city. It will give you the best tips on how’s and whereabouts. If you’ll have family, friends or relatives who’ll visit you, this is better for you to read or give it to them to have an idea on how to enjoy their stay. Moreover, it talks about the cultures and traditions of the Emirate. There are some coupons that you might find helpful as well at the back of it.

If you noticed on my photos holding the magazines, they are not that big. You can carry it around and it can easily fit in your bag. Go ahead and sign up now!



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