Spa on the Rooftop? That’s Nine Degrees

I was lucky enough to experience one of the packages for Mother’s Day of Nine Degrees Spa last night, which was Mom on the Go. It includes Repairing Express Facial, Rejuvenating Eye Mask, and Anti-stress back and shoulder massage all in 1 hour (320AED).

Reception and lounge area

The spa is located on the rooftop of Al Ain tower which is after the Khalidiya Post Office in Abu Dhabi. If you’re going with a car, upon booking an appointment, you can just inform them and they’ll let you use their parking space in mezzanine floor. They’ll be making a follow up call as well on the day of your appointment to confirm and prepare everything on their side for your coming.

Liezel: the star for the night

Liezel gave me a warm welcome and she introduced herself to be the one who’ll be pampering me for the night. I was given a Spa Consultation form where you’ll be filling up some details and ticking some boxes about health and massage preferences. This form is helpful for them to understand on what to avoid and make some precautions.

The hallway to the spa room

On our way inside, you’ll notice on the right side, the Glamour Salon. It’s another stop you can drop by if you still have free time.

Hallway has a finishing touch of a wooden tiled flooring with the environment filled with scent of a burning candle alone or any aroma oil. I was even having flu and my nose is literally blocked. Still I was able to smell it and I love the fragrance of it. (Forgot to ask her what’s the exact scent)

Middle part of the changing room

I was lead to the changing room and opened my locker. Inside it there’s a comfy robe, big towel, slippers, and disposable undie  (sshhh!)  It’s a very clean area with a separate shower section and restroom. Loaded with some vanity stuffs for you to use.

Cold towel with a sherbet of chia seeds and pomegranate

As shown on the above image, a welcome drink was provided while filling up the form. After that, she started discussing to me about it with confirmation so that everything will be done and end smoothly.

In the room, a medidation song is played and the room temperature is set to the appropriate one.

During the session, she has done all the process accordingly and in between I’ve taken the chance to ask about the products she’s using for my face during the facial. Natura Bisse is the most trusted brand they’re using for their clients. A brand originated in Barcelona, Spain.

Photo credit from Nine Degrees Spa’s Facebook page ( Relaxation room )

I really felt the difference of before and after the session. My upper half body felt relieved and stress free. My eyes got relaxed as well and my face lit a glow. And before I’ll forget, there’s a Relaxation room too that you can go to after your session. As shown from the above image. Some magazines and refreshments are provided.

For a similar experience they do have a summer offer right now which you can grab for a much lower price as shown below.

Photo credit from Nine Degrees Spa’s Facebook page

Not only that! Because it’s Global Wellness Day on June 11, they will be giving out a complimentary 15 min sample massage between 1-3pm and it will run until June 18. Make a call and sample their signature therapeutic massage. (Info in Courtesy from Mahiblog) Follow them in Facebook and Instagram for more offers, promotions and competition updates.



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