Ramadan is really a great time for salon offers! Head over to Hair & Skin UAE

Hair & Skin UAE is a villa type salon situated on the opposite road of Sunset Mall in Jumeirah, Dubai. Normally their timing is 10am-10pm however during Ramadan it’s 11am-11pm. I have tried their Gold and Diamond Hair Treatment that was advised by their Hair Consultant (Maisa). She checked my hair conditions first and then she lead me to their staff to start the treatment.

Rukkaya was the one who attended me. She washed my hair first and then applied the gold and diamond mask. My hair was placed in a Steam Dryer for 10 mins and then washed again.

Next step was the Ultrasonic/Infrared iron which was for about 10 mins.

Photo credit from Google Image

This iron doesn’t use heat but radiation. And the red part that you see as shown on the above image is the INFRARED. What this machine can do are:

-Hydrate all kinds of hair, Seals all hair treatment nutrients, Locks and intensifies hair color and Applies Keratin without heat.

After that, was the FREEZING IRON for 10 mins as well.


While applying to your hair it makes ice literally on it. What’s this process can do to your hair? It closes the hair cuticle to make it shiny and soft. However if your hair is dry and damaged don’t expect it to be soft and smooth in one session. You have to take few sessions to achieve this. And the final step was the blow dry. This treatment costs 250AED.

Treatment just finished here

At the end of the day, my hair that was a bit wavy, dull and dry before the treatment, now my hair standed out shining, soft and straight! I’m so loving the result! The scent of my hair smells good not the chemical type. And Rukkaya put a finishing touch of Argan Oil which she recommended to be used especially for women who are using hijab.

For more awesome and really shouldn’t be missed Ramadan Offers from them, do follow their Facebook and Instagram .

*TIP: Call 04 328 4844 for booking your appointment to make sure that you can understand each other.


I’m giving one lucky reader this 250AED voucher sponsored by HAIR & SKIN, that you can use in their salon. This is valid for 1 month only and cannot be used to any of their current Ramadan offers. Normal price will be applied.

All you have to do is, tell me how many branches do they have across GCC. Hint is here! Leave your answer down the comment of this post and don’t forget to share❤👍

👉 Winner will be chosen on June 23.








  1. HAIR & SKIN UAE has 8 Branches across the GCC.
    Lovely review! 💁🏻🙋🏻🙆🏻 Wouldl ove to try their services.


  2. HAIR & SKIN UAE has 8 Branches across the GCC.
    Lovely review! 💁🏻🙋🏻🙆🏻 Would love to try your services.


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