FREE EVALUATION: Baby Essentials for You from PALMER’S

I want to share with all of you these amazing baby products of PALMER’S which are my essential items for our son. Well we are exposed to a lot of baby products of different brands but there’s one thing for sure they differ from one another. So let me talk about Palmer’s and elaborate them for you in details.

There are 3 products I want to highlight here. That’s Baby Wash, Baby Oil and the Diaper Rash Cream.

Let me start with the Palmer’s Baby Wash.

The bottle is with a pump containing 250ml formula. I find it convenient to use with this pump because you don’t have to use two hands to pour it over. There’s a minimal chances of spilling too.
This is a tear-free formula for babies so you don’t have to worry of some chances it may sting your baby’s eyes. You’ll notice the brimming scent of cocoa butter immediately once it’s applied. Since it’s a baby wash you can use it from head to toes. How awesome isn’t it? No need to have a separate shampoo. This formula makes a lot of bubbles so if you’re looking for a bubble bath it’s perfect for you which I sometimes do because our son loves splashing water and he finds it enjoyable with bubbles. However you can minimize the bubbles by using a minimal amount of formula. It leaves the skin soft and smooth after bath which means it’s moisturizing the skin and this is a wonderful result.


Below are the key ingredients of this product which we should always be cautious when choosing the right one for our babies. This gives you guarantee it’s beneficial and safe for your baby’s skin:
– Vitamin E
– Lavender and Chamomile
– Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter
– Hypoallergenic
– Paraben-free, Sulfate -free , Phthalate-free
– Dermatologist tested
At the later stage of this article I’ll explain each of this, so you’ll learn more why it’s important to see them on the products.

For the application, you can either use your hand or a soft cloth. 2 thumbs up!

Let’s move on now with the Palmer’s Baby Oil. This product is superb! Oil but it’s non-greasy and absorbant. Which is very important for the baby. Because we don’t want the baby to feel any irritation or stickiness.


This comes with a pump as well like the Baby Wash. As I’ve mentioned it makes the use of it easy and convenient. This bottle contains 150 ml with a soothing formula. This is why it’s ideal for baby massage. When I was massaging our son, he’s actually steady on the bed and he’s like trying to feel every stroke of my hands to his body. His fussiness stops and his skins softens. This oil leaves a cocoa butter scent and immediately nourishes and moisturizes the dry skin. You can use this too to soothe cradle cap and relieves eczema.



Here are the key ingredients for this:

– Vitamin E
– Hypoallergenic
– Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, Mineral-Oil free
– Pure cocoa butter
– Natural oils
– Dermatologist tested

I absolutely recommend this too because of these factors: lightweight on the skin, non-greasy, non-staining and moisturizes the baby’s delicate skin.

For the application, you can use it daily or as often as needed.

And lastly, Palmer’s Diaper Rash Cream which comes on a tube.


It’s a creamy yellowish texture, as you can see on the above image of before and after application. I tested it actually like pouring water on top of my hand after rubbing it on my skin. The water slid down immediately which means this cream gives barrier to wetness. Our son doesn’t get rashes that much often but still I used just to try it when it comes to wet protection when the baby really has rashes. Same result it gave like how I tested on my hand. This is a brilliant cream!

With any kind of medication depending on it alone, most of the times it doesn’t helps. What I mean is, when you’re baby has rashes don’t simply just apply the cream and wait for it to do wonders. You have to make sure that you’re changing the diaper whenever it’s needed. Don’t wait for it to get soiled. Before applying the cream make sure the affected area is clean and dry. And you can freely apply the cream on each and every diaper change.

The key ingredients of this are:
– Pure cocoa butter
– Vitamins A, D & Pro Vitamin B5
– Paraben/Phthalate-free
– Dermatologist tested

There are terms used here that are important for you to know their meaning and why it’s a MUST to see them on the products as I mentioned earlier.

> Paraben-free ~ parabens have been found to be endocrine disrupters, possible carcinogens (cause cancer) and can and will cause acne because this is used to preserve or extend the shelf lifemail of the products.
> Phthalate-free ~ Phthalate is a key components in plastics that appears in manya consumer’s products such as cosmetics and personal care products.
> Sulfate-free ~ this is present in shampoos and conditoners because it can attract both oil and water and can makeep water wetter. However it lifts your hair cuticle, makes it longer to dry, scalp irritation, follicle stress, etc.

Hope I have shared good information to all of you. Head over to my Facebook Page now for the competition.



  1. ” Baby Essentials for You from PALMER’S ” Superb review of Baby Wash, Baby Oil and the Diaper Rash Cream by GREAT THINGS IN UAE
    .Palmer’s is an amazing product enriched with the goodness of COCOA.

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    great review. Definitely my kidos will love it.
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