INVITED REVIEW: Treasure of Dates? That’s iftar in Choices, Yas Island Rotana

I was recently invited for an iftar in Choices restaurant located in Yas Island Rotana, in the most promising land of Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. You’ll find Choices between the Reception and lounge area of the hotel.

Parking: There’s an underground parking available and you have the option to let the staff park it for you.

Ramadan Timings: It is open daily. For iftar specifically it starts from 7pm-10pm.

Main Part:

The moment I entered their premises, I felt welcomed right away. Wonderful staffs to accommodate us and lead us to our seats. The interior design and table set-up are perfect for the Ramadan theme. It’s very appealing and inviting.

As you can notice on the above image, the basic necessities ( dates & water) for breaking your fasting is placed already on the table.

You’ll be enjoying the handpicked choices of Arabic specialities in their buffet. It’s divided into sections according to food categories. Such as the main course, food finger foods, salad, bread, drinks, nuts & of course my favourite section, the dessert.

There were several delectable arabic dishes prepared for the guests. I’ve tasted few of them which are as follows:

– Lamb Harees – which is one of the famous Ramadan dishes. It’s a mix of coarsely ground wheat and meat with a finishing touch of olive oil around it. The consistency is almost like of a porridge. It’s not on my expected taste though,  it’s on a medium level taste. Can’t find the taste of lamb in it that much and the presence of olive oil on it is not enough.

– Seafood Biryani – not a spicy kind of Biryani. Kids can eat this too. I was able to scoop with the shrimp portion. I enjoyed this one because I love seafoods. Taste is great and flavoursome.

– Lamb Biryani – not a spicy kind of Biryani too. Which ok for me since I can feed our son with it. The flavour of the lamb won’t separate on the rice. It’s flavour is stemming on the rice itself. However the lamb is not that juicy. Although the meat is tender I find it a bit dry.

– Mix grill – meat is tender and the flavour is flowing with its juiciness.

– Dawood basha – is an arabic meatballs in tomato sauce. I’ll prefer to have this on a plain rice.

– Shish barak – is a most likely similar to ravioli. Tiny meat of dumplings cooked in the plain yoghurt. The flavour of the dumplings are brimming in the intense flavour of the cooked yoghurt.

– Vermicelli rice – if you’re looking for something sweet rice, this is it!

Nuts and dried fruits waiting for you!

There were around 6 kinds of Ramadan beverages on a table. Such as tamarind, hibiscus, yoghurt, apricot, etc. The salad section is overflowing with fresh vegetables that you can choose from. By the way, there’s the pickle section too! This is really a complete variety of foods.

An eye-catching view in front of the restaurant

I’ve tried some of their dessert and oh boy! even if I want to have them all my tummy says Stop! already. What can I do? It’s a mix of Arabic and International sweets  were there.

After all these mixed in your tummy, you can request for an arabic coffee or tea. All these are inclusive to a price of 165AED.

A lot of people come here and even after iftar people keep on coming in! It’s a recommended place, a family-friendly one.

For reservation and to know more of this offer kindly contact 02 656 4000 or you can email

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