INVITED REVIEW: Iftar like in a Palace – Sevilla Restaurant in Al Raha Beach Hotel

If you’re looking for the meaning of a lavish iftar, Sevilla Restaurant absolutely defines it. Once your enter the lobby it will mesmerize you right away with their beautiful set-up for Ramadan. Take a look at the image below.

Lobby with a ramadan majlis on the left

Sevilla has a very spacious dining area with a fully-carpeted flooring. With its symbolic Arabian atmosphere paired with the Ramadan spirit surrounding it, you will be awed with amusement.


Right after they lead us to our table, I can’t help myself but to take a look around and start my camera flashing! In the midst of doing so, Mr. George, the Executive Assistant Manager (F&B) approached me with a warm smile and welcomed me whole-heartedly. I was a shaken a bit, but was able to overcome with a reply of a big smile (sigh with relief) . And then, I was back to what I was busy with and saw an access to a picturesque view.

Above image is what you will see once you’re out in the veranda. After my eyes got enough of this beautiful scenery, it’s time to go back inside and check out the foods.

It was a wide range of traditional Arabian dishes, sweets, as well as International. That’s why you’ll not find only people who’ll come for iftar.

My total overall experience with their food is excellent! You’ll get the exact taste of what a dish should be. You’ll not get fooled with how it’s presented only. It’s significantly shows you the overpowering taste of the Middle Eastern delicacies. Each and every bite will leave a remarkable taste on your taste buds. Let me show you some of their mouth-watering dishes.

After looking all the photos  I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me and will be dying to experience it as well. Won’t you say it’s a LAVISH iftar?

Now it’s the time when your tummy slowly feels getting full and I’m craving for their qahwah (Arabic Coffee). Given on a small tiny insy winsy cup called Fenjan and you’ll think if it’s your first time, why so small? Well wait till you have it. It’s a strong one! It’s just enough for you. I was enjoying it till the very last drop and making a flashback of what just happened from the beginning.


Oh boy! This place is totally and totally a recommended one. Family-friendly place, accommodating and friendly staffs, superb and palatable dishes and don’t forget the excellent chefs, great atmosphere, a place that will surely meet your expectations.

So let me show you a few more of the restaurant for the last time.

Parking is not a problem here. It’s an open parking outside. The buffet costs 180AED per person inclusive of Ramadan beverages. Do make a reservation by calling 02 508 0555. They do have this promotion of 3 iftar buffet, 4th is free and 4 iftar buffet 5th & 6th free.

So much promotions and offers will come along the way, do follow their Facebook , Instagram , Twitter . To know more about this property, it’s best to visit their website .

My warmest gratitude for the invite!

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  1. Speechless!!!! Mind blowing Blog //Hates Off to the Blogger and Happy Ramadan ..Post are really interesting and Mouthwatering..Tummy is making Loud Noise after a look at the iftar Buffet …More than post views .Really wish to have a .Luxury experience at AL RAHA BEACH HOTEL …..Thanks for conducting such an awesome competition


  2. Enjoy reading your blog reviews , very informative. It really helps us when we plan business meetings with clients or even family outings. Wonderful efforts to help us thank you.


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