INVITED REVIEW: Iftar in Horizon Restaurant of Oryx Hotel

I was invited for an iftar in Oryx Hotel in Horizon Restaurant. They are situated in Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi near the Khalidiya post office. The restaurant is in the top floor of the building. You’ll see SP button on the elevator for that. The parking for this area, is kind of difficult. Well we went on weekend so I’m not sure for weekdays. Still the best way is to make a valet parking for less headache.

There’s a bit of renovation going on, on the lobby of the Reception area. The entrance will be on the side of the hotel temporarily.

As we reached the restaurant and seated on our table, I’ve noticed that they have a simple decoration for Ramadan. But nevertheless, the ambience is pretty cozy keeping everything simple, neat and tidy. Our table is nearby the reception so you’ll see the pool outside.

I was welcomed by Chef Prem and he showed me the dishes they have prepared for that night. As the usual buffet type, foods were arranged by sections.

I started trying one by one. And I’ve noticed that unlike the previous places where we usually see the roasted lamb ouzi as the main dish, they have the KAVSA rice there instead. Not the spicy kind however it’s tasty. The meat though is kind of hard but ok. The harees didn’t reach the level of it’s taste at all. However, the rest of the foods are fine with the 6 kinds of Ramadan beverages that you can enjoy with: Laban, Tamarind, Jalab, Lemon mint, Apricot and Rose Milk with Roof Ahza.


When the sky is fully covered with darkness, you’ll find the nice view of citylights from your table. Which is definitely one wow factors for the restaurant. Having a great view is always a plus for guests.


We finished our iftar with the usual qahwah (Arabic coffee). This will be offered to you at the end of your dinner. At the end of the night, we had a good dinner and another celebration of iftar has ended.

We still have about 2 weeks remaining for Ramadan. Come and celebrate with their buffet which costs 85AED per person and kids 6 yrs old below are free therefore it’s family-friendly. I’m always leaving a note of “family-friendly” because once I encountered a restaurant that doesn’t accept kids. Weird isn’t it?

Oryx Hotel do have their social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter . More info for other enquiries will be on their website .

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