INVITED REVIEW: Why do they call it The Gallery? The restaurant in Hala Arjaan

I was delighted to be invited for an Iftar celebration in Hala Arjaan. When I asked which restaurant, I was informed The Gallery! I was intrigued. Even when I told my husband the name of the restaurant he got confused. He was thinking it’s the, The Gallery mall in Al Maryah Island (Lol!) But when we reached the place I sat down and I realized why.


First of all, The Gallery is located in Mezzanine Flr of the hotel in Al Zahiyah road Abu Dhabi. Once you go out from the elevator it’s right in front of you right away. There are beautiful framed-paintings on the walls and there are 2 corners where a big wooden stand of collection of different stunning vases are placed. A typical sight inside a gallery but not inside of this elegant restaurant. As I walked down towards the buffet area and looking back again towards the tables, I realized how incredible their set-up and interior design is.

I was welcomed by their staff (forgive me I forgot to ask his name) and lead me to our seats. He made sure our needs were taken care of especially we have a small naughty boy with us.

As the maghrib time was slowly approaching, we started taking our foods as well for preparation. Their buffet is a mixed of authentic Arabic and International cuisines. As the usual pick, I always take the Lamb Ouzi first because this runs out fast! It’s one of the best lamb ouzi I have ever tried. The flavour of the lamb is brimming on each and every single rice. Even a kid can tell. Why? He ate a lot! I’ve tried the salad where you can sense the freshness because of the crisps sounds it makes and the crunchiness of every bite.

There are a lot of dressings you can choose from. Because there’s a wide variety of hot and cold mezze for all. On the mix grill part, kebabs are tender and juicy until to the last sliced. However, the beef is not that soft and tender. Same goes with the steak though the taste is present which forgives the lack of it’s meat tenderness.

There’s different kinds of bread, soup section is there, for the International dishes they got the baked wedges, grilled vegetables, steak & pasta. The dessert section is a mixed of the Arabic delicacies and international as well. Sliced fruits are present too in between the desserts.

There are 3 kinds of Ramadan beverages such as jalab, tamarind and apricot. The qahwah (Arabic Coffee) is available nearby the reception.


You’ll absolutely love and enjoy their food. That’s the overall verdict. The place is perfect for families as well (I was even looking at a one long table and all kids were sitting! Lol!), the parking is just outside the hotel, attentive staffs, the name of the restaurant suits it, it’s one of the best iftar experience I had.

I was able to meet as well Ms. Saakshi where I was about to missed her actually. We were about to leave when we saw each other. She’s part of the marketing team. A busy young lady indeed.


Iftar buffet is available at the price of 132AED including the Ramadan beverages. Kids below 6 yrs old are free however it’s 50% discount for the 6+. To make a reservation you can call up 02 418 0077 or email

Follow them socially as well because you don’t want to miss their offers, promotions and competitions for everyone.




Full information will be in their website .

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