FREE EVALUATION: Baby Personal Care Products in Live The Nature

Nature’s Baby Organics Bubble Bath


This bubble bath’s application is different from others. You have to pour 2-4 capfuls of this to a warm water not directly to the body. However, what I do is, since it’s a squeezable bottle, I squeeze it 3 times directly to the water. The tub I’m using is a round medium one. I let our son soak in it while playing for about 10-15mins then rinse with warm water. I’ve noticed it gives a smooth and soft result on the baby’s skin. It has a refreshing scent of Lavender and gentle on the skin. One funny thing is, it was my first time to see our son smelling himself from his arms.


This product is in 354.9 ml and in no color and watery-type formula. It’s free from SLS, Paraben, Gluten and its hypoallergenic. It’s a proud product from USA of a mother whose concern for her own children resulted in pure and natural range of personal care products and it’s one of the best sellers in Live the Nature’s online store.

* SLS – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ( foaming ingredient)
* Gluten – mixture of 2 proteins usually present in cereal grains and wheat that’s responsible for the elastic texture
* Hypoallergenic – less likely to cause an allergic reaction
* Paraben – preservatives used to extend the shell life of the product

Four Cow Farm

One more baby product that I have tried is the Four Cow Farm Baby Oil. A product from Australia and it’s natural and organic. It’s free from soy, oat and dairy. There are lots of ways that you can utilized it such as for massaging, moisturizer and cleanser for the face and body of the baby, to soothe dry or irritated skin and best for cradle caps as well. I sometimes use it after bath to moisturize our baby’s skin and for massage at night before sleeping because I found it very effective for calming and soothing the baby. Our son gets a very goodnight sleep. It’s lightweight and absorbant to the skin and it leaves the baby’s skin soft too.


This product is 125ml and it’s available in Live The Nature online store. As how I mentioned on my first review on this company that you can find here on Stay Green with Live the Nature (online store for organic skin care products), they are way too awesome to provide helpful tips and recommendations aside from what they are only meant to be.

From what I have heard, they will be having another competition soon, so follow them socially and don’t miss the chance: Facebook ,  Twitter and Instagram.

FREE EVALUATION: Desert Patch is perfect for your kids!

Do you look for something new and creative for your kids this summer? Do you want something for your parties/events that everyone will enjoy as a gift or souvenir? Actually it’s perfect for all season and ocassion. Here’s where Desert Patch can come in and sort all this for you.

Desert Patch is an arts and supplies shop. As the meaning of Patch is a piece of cloth or other material used to mend or strengthen a torn or weak point, however this is used as an art, to make a creative piece that you can use as a display or to gift someone special to you. This comes in different sizes of mostly animals and different colors of patch materials.

Desert Patch can be seen during weekends in Dubai Garden Centre and in Arte Market (Times Square) where they do their workshop but for now it stopped and will resume on August 20. This workshop is known as DECOPATCH. They are also participating on some school fairs to display their products and even in a pop up market like Ripe Market. But of course, still you can do this at home while waiting for this date to come by sending a mail to or call up on 050 250 4424. The kit will be delivered to your home. This kit contains tissue paper, brush, glue and the product itself. There are other shops or companies that do decopatch but only them who provides it with a kit. Pretty cool right?

Desert Patch kit

Now let me show you what I got. Here’s Mr. Camel on a handy size. It was delivered by one of my favourite courier companies which is SkyNet. I love the paper bag’s eye catching color Light Sky Blue with its logo on the center. Simple and pretty!

So I’ve opened it up and tried how it is. It’s been a long time too since I’ve done some crafting. I placed a used newspaper on the table since we are talking about working with glue here. I put all the materials on top of it and cut the patching materials in small pieces.

Ready to start!

I started brushing some glue on one side of the camel and patching the paper alternatively. Either you can do this or brush the glue on the paper and stick on it. Once I finished, it looks really beautiful and it can stand by itself.

On the making

I washed the brush immediately with warm water so the glue wont stay on it. Same way I did with my hands. It went away easily so don’t get afraid to be messy.

Finished Product

It’s a terrific product indeed for some parties or events  as part of the program for kids and even adults. You can always contact from the info I left above else you can follow them in Facebook and Instagram for some updates especially for the location where you can catch them.

Don’t you think it’s awesome?


Price depends on the size. Petite is 40dhs, small 50dhs, medium 70dhs, large 90 dhs and extra large 130 dhs. Plus an extra extra large giraffe that is 900 dhs. It is huge!