INVITED REVIEW: Chefs were busy for Iftar in Horizon Restaurant- Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan

I’m very delighted to receive an invitation for Iftar in Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan in Horizon Restaurant. Situated in the opposite road of Emirates Palace on the Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi.

Busy mixing the special Fatoush (my favourite!)

It was a lovely evening when we reached the place and I’ve seen the chefs were all busy preparing. They have live station cooking on the buffet area so you’ll see what’s going on. Outside they were busy mixing with love, the gigantic bowl of Fatoush and the Lamb Ouzi. You can relish their buffet with the mixed authentic Arabic and  International cuisines.

Fresh dates and dried fruits
Ramadan Beverages in 6 kinds

Horizon Restaurant is one of the restaurants that occupies a spacious dining area. The outside area is the biggest one where the fresh dates and dried fruits are all piled in one station dressed beautifully and in unique way as shown in the above image. It definitely attracts attention. The Ramadan beverages are placed also separately in that area. They have 6 kinds of it. Now if you’ll move more behind, the desserts, more salads, more dishes and ice cream station can be found. I was astonished by this ice cream station! It was my first time to see it included in an Iftar buffet.

Ice cream station!

Let’s go inside the restaurant now. There’s a small stair that will just make enough raise from the floor on your left side and this is where we were seated. It’s the perfect view to see the Chefs making the shawarma from there.

Just exactly what I was talking above this image…

Staffs are attentive. They don’t only clean up your table but they do offer further assistance if required and some other drinks if you desire. Mr. Dhammika, the Manager, came up as well to welcome us and to make sure that everything’s fine. It was a very good gesture of him.

We had a great dinner and enjoyed all the foods they’ve prepared. Indeed it’s the result of their hardwork preparation. My husband even told that he thinks they even started prepping from morning.

Ending with qahwah  (arabic coffee)

This place is also family-friendly, free-wifi and valet parking is available.

If you’re not aware yet they have their social media accounts that you can follow for more offers, promotions and competitions too.







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