FREE EVALUATION: Saforelle’s Bebe Products

I was given the opportunity to have a review with some products of Saforelle. This brand is from France specializes for cleansing and caring sensitive skin. It also helps treat irritation in intimate areas. They have various range of products not only for adult women, teenagers but for babies too.

Gentle Cleansing Gel

Let me start with the Gentle Cleansing Gel for babies. I’m using this for his bath time. I was happy to discover that the bubbles it creates on the water doesn’t stays. It disappears gradually. What I’m talking about is when I’m giving him bath in the tub. It’s definitely a soap-free product. You can also use this as a shampoo. It won’t sting your baby’s eyes just in case it will go near the eyes. Of course it’s still advisable to wash the eyes if ever it will happened. Burdock does exists in this – a large herbaceous Old World plant of the daisy family, it’s a ingredient that makes it gentle for the babies. It’s also hypoallergenic, coloring-agent free and paraben-free product. It leaves the skin smooth and soft. Clinically tested by Pediatricians, no slippery effect. Scent is absolutely pleasant.

This product that I got is 250ml with a flip top cover but it won’t spill that much just in case it will fall because the hole is small. This is why the bottle is actually squeezable to push out the gel. The color is clear type since it’s coloring-agent free.

The color of the gel

One more product for babies that I got was the Soothing Cream Lotion. It comes in a tube. The cover doesn’t open that easily which I find ok because just by accident it will be on the hand of your baby at least it won’t open and spill out just like that. The color of the cream is white.
It’s suitable to use after bath and ideal for massage. This is basically to be used for babies who have sensitive or irritated skin. So this is not a beauty lotion but a soothing lotion as named after it.

Soothing Cream Lotion
Soothing lotion’s color

I have used it for massaging our baby. Just apply it evenly on the skin and massage it until the skin absorbs it. It leaves the skin soft and moisturized without strong scent. It helps to calm the baby too while massaging just exactly what I’ve noticed while I was doing so.
Just like the Cleansing Gel this is hypoallergenic, coloring-agent free, paraben-free and clinically tested by Pediatricians and contains burdock.
* hypoallergenic – unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

* colouring-agent free – to impart color to food, cosmetics, etc.

* paraben-free – paraben is used to extend life shelf of products however this has the potential of causing cancer.

* clinically tested – a product applied on patient’s skin in clinicians office.

* burdock – a large herbaceous Old World plant of the daisy family.
I hope I’ve given you enough information about these amazing products that Saforelle have. Do give it a try and it’s totally safe and recommended for babies. Though it especially mentioned for sensitive or irritated skin, babies with normal skin can use it too.

Saforelle does have accounts in Facebook and Instagram. Do follow their accounts because it will not only feed you with information but with some time to time competition too. Do visit their website for full access of detailed products information.



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