FREE EVALUATION: The ALL NEW Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil – Face

I was totally intrigued with the new product of Palmer’s from Skin Therapy Oil range for the Face which will be launching soon. I really wanted to try it out because of the following benefits that promises you’ll get.

Improvement with the appearance of:

> fine lines and wrinkles

> dark spots (my main concern now)

> uneven skin tone

> aging skin

The packaging is printed both in Arabic and English for better understanding. It contains 30ml oil with the fresh rosehip scent. I love the idea that the bottle is with a glass dropper. It will give you the right amount that you only need. You can either squeeze it directly to your face or palm if you want. However, on the forehead area I suggest you to place it on the palm and then spread it evenly with your hand on your forehead. Because you will not like it to drip on your eyes.

You will only need a small quantity of this for the full coverage from your face until the neck. Means, this bottle will last longer.

30 ml with glass dropper

Though it’s not mentioned on the packaging on when to apply it and what to do after applying, I decided to apply it every night. I let it stayed on my skin (face) overnight and then wash it off with soap/facial scrub the next morning. It’s not that oily (non-greasy) and not heavy (lightweight) it’s tolerable to let it stay on your skin. To tell you frankly, I’ve realized that it sinks in to your skin. It’s absorbant to the skin eventually. To test how quickly it happens, I applied it the next day afternoon. Around 20-30mins it’s completely absorbed! Totally amazing isn’t it?

Just be careful not to use it if you’re planning to go out. This contains retinol that can increase the skin’s sensitivity thus having the possibility of sunburn. You may use sunscreen with it or lesser sun exposure.


For few days that I’ve been using it only, it really did wonder! This is a brilliant product. My dark spots are almost not visible at all. I’m so happy Palmer’s introduced me to their new product and it helped me a lot with this thus gaining my confidence back. This suits any skin type. I have oily prone to pimple skin.

Before – After

Do you know why it’s so good for your skin and what’s best with this product?

Simply because it comes from natural ingredients. Which is of course our ideal one. It’s a combination of 10 natural oils such as coconut, argan, rosehip, sweet almond oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, macadamia nut oil, grapeseed oil, apricot oil & camelina oil. It has powerful anti-aging retinol, vitamin C, Cetesomate E and pure cocoa butter.

Definitely this is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, phthalate-free and dermatologist tested too as Palmer’s always keep it. Didn’t that make you excited about it?

It should be available anytime soon in your leading supermarkets for 32AED.

UPDATE : As of July 10 when I was informed this is now available in Carrefour!



  1. Sounds like an amazing product. Such a remarkable difference on your face in such a short time is a wonderful testimony to its benefits. Will definitely recommend it to my friends too. Thnks for sharing.


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