FREE EVALUATION: Saforelle’s Gentle Cleansing Care – mini review

Feminine wash is indeed a part of being hygienic for women. This is to avoid irritation or unpleasant odor and to soothe itchiness.

Saforelle has an amazing product which is called Gentle Cleansing Care that can be use both for the whole body and intimate hygiene daily. It protects and soothes sensitive or irritated skin.

Clear gel in color

On my part I’m using it as a feminine wash. It’s absolutely gentle on the skin while cleansing because it has mild alkaline pH ( you may learn more about the concern of this here ) and the formula enriched with Burdock. This gel is clear in color because it’s coloring-agent free like my previous post with their baby products. What’s wonderful with it is that it’s also soap-free, paraben-free and has been tested by gynecologists and dermatologists. These are what you likely to see on products if you’re health conscious.


I have tried it as well for the body for curiosity sake. It forms white-milky type liquid while lathering on the skin. No bubbles were formed. Fascinating is, it leaves your skin smooth and soft.

This is how it looks like on the body while lathering

If you’re wondering for the meaning of these words you can find them in this article Saforelle’s Bebe Products on the below part mentioned as Glossary.

When you use this it makes a foam formation and just rinse well afterwards. I love the scent of this gel as well. It’s very pleasant. What I got is 250ml formula and it’s available in different sizes whichever can suit your requirement:

100 ml travel size bottle

250 ml traditional size bottle

500 ml economy size bottle

400 ml eco-refill pack

It’s best for us to use a dedicated intimate hygienic wash instead of the traditional use of soap because this product/brand is especially formulated with the concern of to be gentle cleansing without harming and respects this sensitive area. This is available in any pharmacy near you.

There are other products in this range that you may like to have too. Visit their website  for more information.



  1. Is this unscented? I would really love to try this one but im really not into using feminine wash which has scent for a reason that even me dont know at all 😂😂!


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