FREE EVALUATION: Newly opened LARTISAN GOURMAND – a French pastry shop



Have you heard yet the new French pastry gourmet in Al Wahda Mall that just recently opened during Ramadan? It’s the LARTISAN GOURMAND just started serving in the town! It’s in the new extension of the mall in the 1st floor just beside the information counter.

I followed them socially even before they opened. Because the eclairs look so yummy and beautifully crafted as shown on their accounts. So until the day has come and finally they’re open to serve us.

Eclair is an oblong-shaped pastry made with dough filled with cream/custard inside and icing on top. Well that’s how normally it’s done. But with LARTISAN Gourmand you’ll have it on a stylish and unique designs more likely a piece of artwork. They are available in so many tutti fruity flavours where everyone will enjoy this even kids!

Passion Flower – CREATIONS

It’s freshly baked everyday that makes it guarantee you to have a soft pastry brimming with flavorful delights. There are different kinds of eclairs that you can choose from. The original one in normal size as they call CREATIONS, TRENDIES where they make exclusive designs every week and base on cultural or traditional designs of the world. Just like last month, their TRENDIES designs were inspired thru the month of Ramadan. And there are MINIS, this is exactly same of CREATIONS it’s just the size is smaller.

Filled with custard filling inside
Pistachio – MINIS

Perhaps because I was curious about their tea as well. Yes you heard me right! LARTISAN Gourmand is not only about Eclairs but they do have tea. Not the only ordinary tea but absolutely healthy and extraordinary combinations of herbs. They have 32 flavours in total under 4 categories. That’s the Classic Collection, Wellness Collection, Infusion Collection and Fruit Mix Collection. These are originated in Russia. There’s a brewing procedure for this to capture the exact nutrients in it. You may want to check their website for that. Tea is advisable to be consume within 18 months from the day it was packaged.

Vitamin Rainbow – FRUIT MIX COLLECTION (this is how it looks like inside the packaging)

I have tried the Detox (Wellness) and the Vitamin Rainbow (Fruit Mix). As you may see in the images they don’t look like the ordinary tea that we usually buy in the market.

Detox once brewed makes a good scent where you can tell what is it for right away. It’s a color green tea mixture and the taste’s a bit strong (well can be adjusted with the amount of water you use) but tolerable. I’m using it at night after dinner. The Vitamin Rainbow smells aromatic. The mixture is in color red and taste is a bit sour of one fruit. I wonder how it is while munching eclairs!


Haven’t that left you wondering when you can go to their shop and find it for yourself what exactly what I’m saying? Do give them a visit with your family and friends!

If you haven’t followed them yet socially do check them out. Facebook and Instagram are there for updates on their offers, promotions and even competitions! 

L'Artisan Gourmand Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



  1. I highly recommend them! Beautifully created and delicious eclairs so tempting ☺☺… though iv’e never tried their tea, which one you like from the 2 you have tried?

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