INVITED REVIEW: Somvaar Bazaar in Chor Bazaar – Movenpick Hotel (Ibn Battuta Gate)

20160711_193646-01It’s a pleasure to receive a prestige invitation from Movenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate to relish their speciality Indian cuisine during the Somvaar Bazaar in Chor Bazaar which is only every Monday. You’ll find Chor Bazaar immediately once you enter the lobby of the hotel.

On the upper center you’ll find a projector being played

It’s a kind of market style dining experience where you have to go to the food stalls normally called Hawker to grab your food. They have 3 stalls on the outside of the restaurant. That’s the starter section, main course with the desserts and the some sort of merchandise stall. There’s bollywood video being played on the centre part of the wall by using a projector.

Now inside the restaurant, I can’t help but to ask Subash (Receptionist in the restaurant) why there are Hands featured on the ceiling and some framed pictures of it too on a wall. He explained with enthusiasm why. He told it’s because mainly people come for celebrations and henna is placed on their hands and as the word CHOR means Steal and hands also used by the thieves. Authentic isn’t it?

Lamb and Chicken Tikka

The highlight of course is the FOOD! It’s a WOW! Big WOW! with an open eyes and mouth saying it. I’ll focus on their TIKKA, that’s lamb and chicken tikka. I always check the tenderness of the lamb by using a fork with spoon instead of knife then the taste of it. And oh boy! It’s so perfect and different from all the tikkas I’ve tasted before. From the masala they used to marinate it, the cooking process for sure they have the technique and a secret weapon the Chef De Cuisine got. Meat was so so tender and juicy! The juiciness is stemming within the meat. The chicken that I never thought could be more softer and tender also that it could ever be! The crispy butter naan blended so well with this. I could have asked for more if I’m not obliged to try something else✌.

Pani Puri station
Pani Puri
Live Curry cooking station

Next is what I always admire a lot, the Pani Puri. Oh so nice to see the Chef preparing it for you with a smile. Variety of sauces were there to choose from. From sweet to spicy! I’ve tried the Live Curry cooking station too which is just behind the Pani Puri. I chose prawns for this. This is what I only find a missed. The curry is a bit salty for me. Well I tried it just like that not with anything else. I believe if you eat it with rice or naan then it will be fine.

Butter Naan
Starters which really gave a good kick!


Over all verdict is, it was indeed splendid dinner we had. It’s a must try and I highly recommend it to everyone. It will not fail your expectations and will surprise you for something you haven’t expected just like me. A family friendly place with a free access to wifi and valet parking for guests. It’s a place that you’ll be coming back for more!

* AED 125 with soft beverages , AED225 with selected beverages

Follow them socially to keep updated if you haven’t done yet. Facebook , Instagram and Twitter and of course their website for any other concerns.




  1. I loved the review ..and thanks for sharing the reason behind those hand printed frames … the food looks fab and I must say desserts are mouthwatering

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved the lamb and chicken kebabs and the pani puri presentation. I also enjoyed your review highlighting the live cooking stations and the ambiance.


  3. These pictures and the traditional interior have taken my heart away..
    I dont know about others but this place im surely going to pay visit..
    Xcellent review and I coult only say 10/10 for detailed pictography

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love your review about this place and you present it like royal definitely go there listen so much about there Indian food and love to eat specially there pain Puri and live cooking station is amazing thanks dear for such a wonderful review


  5. Loved your review… reminds me of the pani puri hawkers and other chat hawkers of India. It used to be fun going out with friends and family when in India…


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