INVITED REVIEW: Weekend Staycation in Danat Capital Hotel

We went for a weekend staycation in Danat Capital Hotel  (book here) one of the well-known properties of Danat Hotels & Resorts here in Abu Dhabi. It’s exactly in Dhafeer St. near the public park. We had the privileged to stay in one of their Premium Rooms having full access in the hotel.

Checking-in was very smooth by showing the booking confirmation we have already. Parking is available underground and free wifi access where it’s available within the vicinity area on one-time login. Very convenient isn’t it? You’ll find the code attached on the card that they’ll give you.


Inside the room, is a king size bed, comfortable sofa set to relax while watching TV, tea/coffee facilities and water, a basket of fresh fruits, mini fridge, a big fully-equipped wooden cupboard (hangers, bathrobes, iron with stand, slippers, vault, weighing scale, bags for laundry and shoe kit) and one of the cabinet’s door is having full mirror behind it. Enough outlets available for charging and inside the bathroom have different types of towels depending on your usage. Fully complete necessities for grooming and toiletries so you really not need to bring anything else but your clothes. I want to emphasize as well that they use Organic products by their own brand which I found amazing. I.e. shampoo, bath gel, lotion, conditioner, loofa and the toothbrush. Though the bathtub has a shower facility already still they provided a separate shower area which is just beside the bathtub in a close glass finishing. Hair dryer and shaving facilities also available.


After we settled in, we took our lunch in The Icon restaurant in mezzanine floor. They have Arabic cuisine buffet ready for all the guests. Staffs are attentive to guests’ needs and what I like most is that they talk to you with a big smile. Chefs are coming in and out from the kitchen making sure that the food is still adequate.


During this time, I was able to meet Marjorie, the Sales Coordinator of the hotel. She made sure that everything’s fine and going smoothly. She’s indeed a very busy young lady with a camera on her hand. A dedicated person to her work.


I left my family in the room after lunch, for a self-tour in 17th floor for their Recreational area. In this floor, there’s the Body & Soul spa, the Gym, and swimming pool on the roof top. I just glancely check especially the pool area because we have a plan for a swim in a short while. It’s still very hot to swim. And since I have an appointment with Body & Soul spa the next morning, I just made a slight check to have an idea of the treatments they have. And I went right off back to the room.


Until the time came, we went back to the pool area. There’s a stair behind the Body & Soul’s spa reception that leads to the pool up to the roof. If you need a locker, you can get a key from the Body & Soul spa’s reception. Upstairs, there’s a separate reception where they provide you towels to use. There’s a clean changing rooms separately for men and women and the locker is inside. You can take a shower too if you want. Now in the pool area, there’s a separate round pool for kids and a big one for adults. Together with this is a jacuzzi that you can use as well. This is a open roof pool and there are sort of beach chairs with shades provided and some dance music to listen. An easy access elevator is there also instead of using the stairs. We stayed there for about 30 mins I guess because I was freaking heavily sweating.


We visited Al Multaqa Cafe also in the 1st floor in the evening. It’s an outdoor cafe which was newly opened. It’s a place to hang out with families and friends over a coffee, smoothies, some snacks while having shisha or watching your favourite sports or movie on a led tv screen around 52″. They have comfortable sofa sets with gazebo tents for shades, 2 led tvs placed on the center and around 4 air coolers. It’s opens from 5pm til midnight. You’ll enjoy the view of the buildings in the neighbourhood and the lights on the road. Look up in the sky to see the bright moon shining along with the stars.


The next morning, 8.30am we took our breakfast back to The Icon restaurant and it’s a buffet mix of American and Arabic style. It was nice to see their warm welcoming smile again and enjoyed our breakfast at the same time.


Just before our check-out time I headed back to Body & Soul spa for my massage. Daisy was there to do it for me. The treatment room is on the left side from the reception. I asked her what she can recommend to me. She replied me Aromatherapy if I want to be relaxed. And I agreed that’s all I ever wanted with my stressful life. I’ve noticed the spa has a Purple theme. I got a purple robe, the towels are purple and some pictures of purple flowers on the wall.


Once you enter the door you’ll find the changing room first with lockers and shower area. There’s another door which is the treatment room itself. The room has a glass wall on the other side covered with a curtain so if you’ll come during daytime it will be a bit bright in the room so if you don’t like it that way then you can opt to have it on night time. I haven’t tried their other masseur but I can say Daisy is talented and professional with her work. She used a aroma bliss oil for me and it’s very relaxing scent. It helped a lot with her massage strokes. She used her thumbs and palms in doing so. It was full 1 hr for the whole body. My body was revitalized after the treatment. It was just the right time to do it before heading back.


Do grab their summer promotion for Premium Rooms which starts from AED249 excluding taxes and other charges. Buffet breakfast is already included on this price. That’s for 2 adults and 2 children below 12 yrs old. Not only that!

  • 20% discount on Spa treatments
  • 15% discount on Food and Beverage Consumption

Amazing summer offer isn’t it? Spread the word. Who said it’s expensive for a stay in Abu Dhabi?

Be updated online through their  FacebookInstagram and website for full and exact information of their ongoing offers or you can book here.



  1. Wow really an amazing ambience to enjoy with the family- food, gym, storage facility, safety, snacks.
    thank you for the visual treat. The royal purple adds to the beauty of the treatment. Gr8 !!!

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  2. Thank you so much for giving us a real great write up about your staycation … it really means a lot as we plan out our summer vacation … I’m sure the spa would have been exceptional … a Thumbs up for a great review …enjoyed reading it and more over the pics say it all … Linsey

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Lovely pictures. A great place to relax and enjoy with the family away from the hustle and bustle of our monotonous life here in Dubai. Thanks for the review dear. They seem to have a lovely spread for the buffet. Love the ambiance all around too.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lovely pictures. A great place to relax and enjoy with the family away from the hustle and bustle of our monotonous life here in Dubai. Thanks for the review dear. They seem to have a lovely spread for the buffet. Love the ambience all around too.

    Liked by 1 person

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