INVITED REVIEW: Did you say FoodRustic? 


FoodRustic, what does it mean? When I heard about them I immediately thought of why the restaurant was named after it? The owners of the restaurant wants to serve food to their customers in a simple and countryside way. Moreover, they are looking after their food from being healthy as well. Organic products are exposed now in the market, however these are definitely expensive. But don’t fret! They have a mighty solution on this. They serve daily with the freshest ingredients and homemade style. This is the way to fight back with it thus being affordable to everyone. FoodRustic is serving authentic American, Mexican and Italian foods. They have a very talented chef, Chef Louis. I’ve personally met him and he’s a very humble person. When I went there I’ve tried their Mexican food that I always been craving for. This place didn’t fail me.

The ambiance is totally like a countryside one. Tables, chairs, flooring, kitchen door and some part of the wall is made of a unique mix of woods. Making it vibrant and attractive.

I’ve chosen Tacos (chicken filling) initially which is a well-known Mexican food. Tacos is normally served with the crispy kind of wrapper or what they called tacos shell. Here they use corn flour made wrapper. And I was under the impression of having it on a chicken mince but the best part is, it’s in chunks crowned with fresh diced tomatoes and lettuce with a dip red sauce.

We always have American burger and for a change, I’ve tried out their Mexican hamburger called Hamburguesa Mexicana. You’ll notice right away the bun is different from the usual burger bun. The bun is color yellow and as they told me it’s a Potato bun. You can also opt for a whole grain bun if you want more healthier one. This burger has a premium angus beef patty with poblano chili, sweet corn, mature cheddar cheese and chipotle mayo. It’s a bit spicy and juicy, blending with the taste of sweet corn. Served with mayonnaise and ketchup on the plate. I love the thought of crispy fries with skin and it’s not oily and salted. Placed on a cute mini silver bucket.

There comes the Salmon steak, grilled with a finishing garnish of sliced tomatoes and Chef special sauce. It’s partnered with steamed broccoli, carrots and zucchini ( you can opt it to be grilled) and risotto rice cooked with butter, cream, parmesan cheese and a touch of diced zucchini. It’s very creamy and cheesy. I enjoyed it so much with all these combinations.

For dessert, I picked Bunuelos because it’s a traditional Mexican dessert and almost similar to Churros. Dough made to a round ball and dipped fried then rolled onto cinnamon powder, chocolate powder and sugar. It’s crispy from the outside and fluffy in the inside. An English custard sauce is spread at the bottom of it and makes it more yummier.

It was indeed hot outside and we ordered some refreshing drinks to quench our thirst. I had a Cinnamon Peach Iced Tea and a Exotic Jamaica Flower Mojito for hubby. Absolutely refreshing!

FoodRustic is famous for ordering online through Zomato , FoodonClick , Talabat and 24hae. The main website is still under maintenance so stay tuned for that! You can call them up for your party or catering needs too on 02 491 3190! Awesome isn’t it? Do follow them socially in Facebook and Instagram to keep updated with their yummy and delicious treats!

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  1. Loved the simple ambience.
    Cinnamon Peach Iced Tea and a Exotic Jamaica Flower Mojito are excellent thirst quenchers which is rare of its kind.
    Thank you for the high lights on the Mexican dessert.

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  2. Love the ambience !! I love sitting at a restaurant with a unique seating and this one just pleases my eyes …. Thanks for being such ambience lover like me … impressive review, a must try with family

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s nice and simple but the most important thing is the food – looks divine. Not fond of tacos particularly but these look so full of flavors and are tempting. Thanks for sharing. Hope to visit them and try out their menu.

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