INVITED REVIEW: Prego’s we go!

We went for an Italian dinner this time after some continuous Indian cuisine. We took this privilege from Media Rotana in Prego restaurant. It’s situated in Al Barsha Heights, Dubai just on the lobby’s left corner. Valet parking is available and all Rotana hotels are known to have free wifi access.

As you walk-in inside, you’ll notice the extravagant collection of wine displayed on the bar and near the processed meat station. There are beautiful paintings on the wall that gives compliment with the dim lightning atmosphere of the restaurant. If you’re in for a romantic dinner date this will be absolutely perfect for you too! They have different types of table set-up to accommodate different numbers of guests. Unique one is, a table with chairs on one side and a sofa on the other side. This is what we had since we opted to sit in a corner. They have their kitchen fully opened. You’ll see the exact action while cooking.

Chef Salvatore on the stage

We started to look into their menu, and we chose the pizza first which is Margherita pizza and the Grilled Salmon Fillet. It’s kind of tough to make a choice so I decided to call the waiter and checked with him their Signature or Recommended dish. He recommended for the pasta which is Tagliolini al

ragosta. It’s made of homemade Tagliolini pasta with fresh lobster and cherry tomato sauce. It sounded so appealing and I agreed for it.


Distilled water

While waiting for the food to come, they served us a freshly baked bread with some dips with it. There’s the olive paste, basil paste with olive oil and cheese. The bread is crispy from the outside and soft from the inside. They have given a dedicated plastic food utensils for the baby too i.e. plate, bowl and spoon which tells me right away that this place welcomes families though there’s a bar inside.

Utensils for kids
Margherita Pizza

So finally Margherita pizza came first followed by another complimentary bread which is called Foccacia. This looks like a pizza because it was sliced like a pizza. It’s a bread made with butter, some herbs and parmesan cheese. It’s indeed tasty and fluffy. The Margherita pizza was nice and we chose this one because it’s thin and healthy being a simple kind of pizza without any meat on it.


And the main course finally arrived with excitement! The pasta was absolutely stunning. It’s a taste to perfection and you can really notice the unbelievable fresh taste of the lobster oozing it’s flavour on the pasta and the sauce. Our son even enjoyed this as well.


The Grilled Salmon fillet was done by charcoal. It was served with crispy skin and overflowing juiciness with its tender meat. It has a side dish of fries and a lemon balsam butter sauce which blended so well with it. During this time, Chef Salvatore came and welcomed us. He was proud to inform us that he cooks healthy for everyone. He doesn’t like using oil and ingredients are freshly picked to use daily on his dishes. I was mesmerized with this and it surely have a great impact with the result of the taste of the food.

We ordered for mocktails and I took mine for a Media Fruit punch. This is a combination of orange, pineapple, banana, guava and grenadine. Grenadine is a syrup that gives the reddish pink color of the mocktail. My hubby had a Lemon & Mint which is having a mix of lime spritzer. And for the dessert I chose the Hot Lava chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream with some wild berry and vanilla sauces on the side.

We’re totally overwhelmed with this dinner and I definitely recommend it for you to try it out if you haven’t yet. Staffs are very attentive with their work and they do really know their job. Tried and tested! Because I asked a lot about each dishes and she knows them very well.

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  1. I guess they know how to please their little guests … and I see they have impressively done a good job! … I enjoy Italian cuisine too and I must say they are lived up to a mark ….appreciate your feedback and review …


  2. Wow !! You’ve got lovely pictures despite the lighting inside. Really nice. Loved the review. Sounds like one of the best places for Italian food here in the UAE. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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