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It’s time for me to nourish my skin (face) through some organic products. I haven’t had any daily skin routine because I was afraid to try out products in the first place.

My skin is oily and prone to acne type. Recently I’ve been seeing all these natural and organic products everywhere. That’s why I’ve decided why not give this a try? It’s organic so definitely it won’t harm.

I’ve discovered one company LIVE THE NATURE in Instagram. This company is not only a Retailer, Distributor but also a Marketing company. They have almost all the well-known and certified organic brands. Their website is not only for online shopping but it’s full of knowledgeable information of all the products it covers. They are the first online concept store in the UAE and soon to launch their own products as well. The site is having an online chat too which I find very useful tool. There will be those times too that perhaps you will think what are those alien words that you see frequently in the ingredients section of the packaging. This is where the INGREDIENTS tab on their site shows you what they mean.

20160722_163205-01.jpegI’ve given a challenge to Dermae, second facial care product to test. It’s a brand from USA and certified Organic by Quality Assurance International. Let’s see if it will make a difference and give me a good result.

I’m using the Dermae Very Clear Acne Scrub for my daily facial scrub. I only use pea size of this on a wet face and it’s enough for the whole face until the neck. I use a circular motion while massaging and spreading it all over my face and neck. After that, I rinse it with warm water, (it’s automatically flowing here in UAE since it’s summer😉). There’s a strong smell of this though but tolerable and I don’t mind. I’m not quite sure how to describe it. Anyway, that’s temporary only. It will eventually fade away.

20160710_134809-01.jpegWhy I chose this product?
– deeply unclogs pores
– Clears skin and prevent breakouts
– 100% vegan
– paraben-free
– cruelty-free


After I use that, I applied the Dermae Very Clear Moisturizer. It’s a white cream in a small jar (56g). I apply it by making some dot marks on my face and spread it evenly in a circular motion. While doing so, you’ll feel a cooling sensation on your face for a few minutes. It’s 100% absorbant on the skin and so I use it too as a moisturizer under make-up. It has the same odor like the facial scrub however it will also eventually go. This product is very effective if you’ll use it after you cleanse your face with the Very Clear Acne facial cleanser or scrub. Recommended to be used twice daily. Which I do.

Why I chose this product?
– replenishes vital moisture and nutrients to promote clear, fresh, healthy-looking skin
– best duo with the facial scrub, rebalances skin for clear complexion

– with herbal anti-blemish complex of tea tree, willow bark, salicylic acid, rosewood, lavender & chamomile and same as above.


RESULT ON ME: The pimples that pops out were lessened especially when my period is about to come. They became smaller also than they used to be. Expected result was successful to achieve.
If you do have the same skin type like me, then do give it a shot. I’m very confident to say that it will help you the way it did to me. Remaining is the marks it left which I’m trying to improve with (Palmer’s) you know this if you have read my previous article here The ALL NEW Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil – Face and a new brand that I’ll be trying out soon.

The best way to grab these is to let Live The Nature do the work for you. With our busy life here in UAE they are available to do this. Open up their online store and order now! Offers and promotions this summer are up for grab too! Follow them socially in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep updated. Stay Green!



    • I was using this 2 weeks before my period so I waited until my period came wherein mostly my pimples will be out but with this that time it was less and only small ones. It really made me happy😍.


  1. That is really nice. I think I too have the same skin tone as yours. Would be real miracle if it takes away my acne spots too.


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