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It was an amazing moment to know Helen, the founder behind of Our Daily Stuff. I came to know that, for her being so concern for everyone especially for the value of money and quality of the products at the same time is what made her to come up with an innovative solution that would definitely benefit everyone. She explained briefly that sometimes the price of the product is even higher than from where it originated because it’s imported. Same goes with the quality. It’s totally different if you will purchase it from the country of origin. Hence, Our Daily Stuff was established.

However, you may ask why Our Daily Stuff? Because what you see in their online store, is what they use daily as well. Pretty awesome concept isn’t it? You’ll find the products that you love here with the most reasonable price and being delivered to your doorsteps at the same time. Not only that you have a very flexible way of payments. You can opt for a credit or debit card, COD and even paypal.

Recently, you can also just order through their Facebook page, click on the tab Shop and choose any product. On the product you’ll see the Message tab in blue. Just press that and click send. That’s it! By the way, you can whatsapp too on 050 689 1758.

Sample of ordering from Facebook

So I found this very famous Korean brand Innisfree Face Mask on her site and I got so excited! Its kind of difficult to find korean products here especially online. I’ve been through it and if ever there is it takes years before your package will arrive.


Transaction: I’ve ordered it without hesitation and I included an organic cotton pad Puff that’s made from Japan and guess what? It was delivered by one of my favourite courier companies which is SkyNet  (as I always say, because they do deliver everywhere and on time). It took around 14 days for the package that’s mentioned on their site. Transaction was smooth and no complains.

Product: It’s an authentic product of InnisFree for the amount of 50AED for 10 pcs. There are variety of flavours with this that you can choose from. I chose Tea Tree because of my skin type (prone to acne) however I got 3 more other free samples with 2 of each kind. Fantastic isnt it?You know this if you have followed my journey with my skin issue 😉.  I’ll make a separate review of this for all you!


The cotton pad is 100% pure organic cotton, no bleaching was done and its in a resealable pack. Very soft and gentle on the skin. It’s definitely good for removing make-up. Made in Japan in size large (120 sheets -AED45). This is available in M size too in 200 sheets.

So go ahead and have a look at the website here. Scroll along and see what may interest you like how I did. Follow the Facebook page and Instagram to see the feeds online automatically of the new products to come and some offers.



    • This mask doesnt need to be rinse afterwards. So I use it at night before sleeping. The next morning, my face is soft and moisturized. Do try ordering from her it’s very affordable prize. This mask ideally to be used daily however twice a week is also fine.


  1. Thanks for the great review on Helen’s products …. I love the concept of Our Daily Stuff …. Great to know about the quick and reliable courier service too …

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