FREE EVALUATION: Sweet Retreat UAE for you and your love ones!

Zoe from Ireland, having 2 beautiful lovely daughters, is the owner of Sweet Retreat UAE. Out of curiosity and being challenged by a friend, baking eventually became a passion for her, especially with the love and support of her husband. She personally bakes this homemade goodies and even takes up a technical course to make sure that she gives the best quality and satisfaction to her customers.


I received these lovely treats from her through Fetchr. They are one of my favourite courier companies. I actually have 2 only😅. I was so excited to unwrap this  box. And tada!

I got plain shortbread, triple chocolate shortbread, pistachio and cranberry shortbread and iced cookies. It was time for lunch but I made it Tea Time! All flavours are delicious and enjoyable with every bite with my chai. My son grab some of them too with a smile on his face.

The iced cookies are like an art. It’s one of those unique ones where you can see the dedication and carefully handcrafted designs.


Sweet Retreat UAE does takes order for some parties or small events too. Homemade treats are indeed the most fabulous idea aside from candies. Sweets, cookies and cakes can be made to fulfill your sweet cravings! Orders under 150AED, there will be a delivery charge of 30AED. You can always contact on 052 9014079 for orders and enquiries.

Follow the accounts on Facebook  and Instagram for yummilicious inspiration. It will entice you and make you grab your phone!



  1. Wow !! So beautifully prepared. I love the work that has gone into it. I am sure anyone would find it very difficult to eat them. Thanks for the lovely post and review. Your pictures are awesome as always. You should put up a post on taking pictures too. I certainly would be very interested.


  2. Looking at the pics you have shared it really shows her love for baking and her passion for her job… personal touch to all she prepares ! … Love it

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