INVITED REVIEW: Let’s learn and have fun in Caboodle

Looking for a safe place for your kids to have some fun? A place where not only fun is there but they do learn at the same time? Caboodle is what you’re looking for then. They have 3 branches to serve you. That’s in Dubai Mall, Citywalk and The Galleria in Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi.

All the branches are pretty much identical with the exception of the following:

– Birthday parties are only available at The Galleria and City Walk branches as they have private rooms
– The Galleria has a game room
– City Walk has a ladies salon
– Retail and Cafe products may differ slightly from branch to branch depending on suppliers

Since I’m here in Abu Dhabi let me give you a clue of what your kids will experience in the The Galleria branch.

First of all, this branch is very expansive! Children have a wide area to go around and thus having a lot of amenities inside.

KIDS SALON: We took our son to the Kids Salon first to have his haircut for the first time in a salon. He was seated on a high-chair with steering wheel. To make him more calm down and quiet, he was provided an Ipad with the video playing of some cartoons that kids are fond of nowadays (Booba). I was surprised this trick worked! The haircut was successful and I’m so happy with it.

Some of the great products I know are Four Cow Farm and Splash
Almost finished!😉

PLAYGROUND: After the haircut, we went for some play for awhile. Shoes are prohibited inside. There’s a shoe rack where you can keep them just nearby the entrance. There are several play areas inside that’s why the kids won’t feel any boredom at all.

Namely, the Role Play area – different character costumes they can use and pretend to be one (Dress up area) and there’s a changing room inside. There’s a kitchen where they can pretend to be a Chef or a Souq to do their groceries, Little Palace, and a salon where they can beautify themselves. Cute right? Soft play area – this is for the younger ones. A fully matted floor to keep them safe from the cold flooring with some toys. You can safely put them lying down there and play with supervision.


Be Creative is where they have a weekly theme and a staff is there to guide children on how to follow this. Game room – It’s suitable for older kids and above. Quiet room is for babies/kids who want to take a nap and breastfeeding mothers. That’s why there’s  a changing table, rubber mat and a chair on each opposite corners were placed to be used. There’s the center playground where kids can freely ride a car or bike with a wooden slides protected with a rubber on the sides for protection.

Game Room
Inside the Game Room
Soft Play area
Inside the Quiet Room
Center of the Playground with slides

PARTY ROOMS: There are 2 party rooms available in this branch. One is where the celebration is held and other one is for the activities/program for the event like face painting.

Party Room #1
Party Room #2

RESTROOM: There’s a restroom for kids personalised to them. Clean and neat.

CAFE: And there’s of course a cafe that you can drop by for some healthy organic and fresh food and drinks both for adults and kids and even babies. They have a caterer called Appetite which serves fresh food daily.

Enter a caption

This summer, there are lots of offers from Caboodle that’s available. From Membership, Drop n Shop, Summer Camp, Party Catering, Mommy & Meet ups and so much more!

Have a look at their website  for full details on this offers and follow them socially in Facebook  and Instagram .

In conclusion, it’s the best place for your kids where the concern is to help you as a parent(s) to let your kids have fun and learn with your busy schedule or even if you just need a time-out for awhile. They are certified to be safe and hygienic.

Dont miss it!



  1. I just loved it and wished it was around when I was a kid. I would love to have been spoilt for choice in a place like this. The role play area looks splendid. Noticed how neat and clean it is. The other areas are really appealing. My friends would love to take their kids here. Thanks so much for sharing.

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