INVITED REVIEW: Kris with a View in Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel

Dining with an outstanding view is absolutely the best! This is what’s Kris with a View restaurant in Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel can offer you while they also embelish you with their specialties. It’s just on the opposite road of Burjuman Centre, Dubai. It’s in the 19th Floor of the building that’s why you can see the panoramic view full especially at night with all the sparkling lights on the road and neighbouring buildings.


Theme Nights at Kris:

1.      Mondays: Pot Around – From steaming Asian soups and noodles to exotic Oriental curries and coconut-gravy sweets

2.      Tuesdays: Ochi Sushi Night – featuring a selection of sushi and sashimi accompanied with soups, Asian salads and sweets.

3.      Wednesdays: Seafood Night – Offering a wide variety of seafood selection ranging from calamari, prawns, lobsters, oysters, crabs, shellfish to salmon, sea bass and many other fresh fish.

4.      Thursdays: Pan Asian Night – discover the very best of Pan Asian specialties buffet from Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan and India surrounded by the unique panoramic views of Dubai.

5.      Fridays: Indian-Malaysian Flavours – a buffet of authentic cuisines from India and Malaysia.

20160728_205214-01.jpegWe came for a dinner last Thursday which is a Pan Asian Night. I missed so much the dishes from Malaysia and Thailand so I opted for that night. At the same time hubby can still enjoy the Indian food.

There are several stations available for all these types of cuisines such as the Sushi Station, Noodle Station, Dimsum Station, Sashimi Station, Peking Duck, Appetizer and Soup Station, Main Course which is mixed of all and same goes with the dessert.

20160728_194620-0120160728_194708-0120160728_194717-0120160728_194726-0120160728_194754-0120160728_194854-01Our table was just in front of this beautiful view outside the building. Even our son can’t help but to stand in front of the glass wall to have a look. We were offered a drink and I ordered for Tropical Fruit Soiree. I love this mocktail it’s a mixed of lychee, rambutan and coconut chunks in an iced cold lemonade. Then I head over to the buffet. They have proven enough that they can bring back alive these foods from where they’re originated. I felt like I was in Malaysia when I was eating Sambal Sotong, I felt like I’m really in a Japanese restaurant when I was eating my favourite maki, and so on and so forth. I didnt want to end up the night that quick because there’s so much too explore with their foods but I can take only a little bit of everything to make a conclusion. And of course, our little darling can’t heat up his butt for more than 40 mins on his chair.

20160728_194911-0120160728_205038-0120160728_194805-0120160728_194522-0120160728_205024-01This restaurant has an outrageous spacious area, perfect size of the table where all foods can fit it. There are some restaurants offering buffet and their table is so small and only two plates can fit in. They have very attentive staffs which checks each and every table to tidy up and if there’s any assistance required. I have gone to one famous restaurant in a famous hotel and uff!! I was like invisible.

Stir fried noodle that I requested from noodle live cooking station 👌

 I would love to hear from you if you have gone to this place or if you have plans to go. They have very reasonable price to relish their specialties. You can find some other reviews too in Zomato. Follow them too in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And of course for full details should be on their website. Happy eating!

Kris With A View Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



  1. What an awesome spread !!! Heard such great reviews. Your picts are awesome as usual. Never been there. Hope to get a chance to visit


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