INVITED REVIEW: Friday Brunch in Pax (Dusit Thani-Dubai)

Last Friday we went for a brunch this time in Dusit Thani, Dubai in Pax Restaurant and Lounge. It was jam packed with food from different cuisines. Pax is in 24th floor just like the, The Californian if you have read my previous review with them here Time for Tandoori in The Californian (Dusit Thani Dubai). It’s just that, Pax is on the left side once you come out from the elevator. These food preparation welcomes you right away when the elevator opens. It’s a stunning variation of food everywhere. There’s Italian, Thai, Indian, Arabic, and Chinese cuisines. Aside from these, there’s dedicated station for seafood, barbecue, bread and desserts!

20160729_141728-0120160729_141711-0120160729_141658-0120160729_141738-0120160729_141809-0120160729_141906-01Well we were lead to our table with a marvelous view on the end corner of the restaurant. You’ll see the top view of these snake-like roads with the famous iconic skyscraper Burj Khalifa. You’ll notice some beautiful painted artworks near the ceiling and nice chandeliers. So while we froze for awhile because of this, I tried to walk away and check out the buffet.



20160729_150800-01.jpegAs the usual, I tried my best to take a little bit of everything. There’s live cooking station too for crepes! And I really enjoyed this part so much. Chefs on each stations were busy but still have a warm smile on their faces. The buffet was arranged in a circular way that you may want to take a spin to help you choose which food you want to try first. Undoubtedly, food is so nice! Beautifully presented and cooked very well. The dedication while cooking can be felt on the dishes. Your eyes will get full with these enticing and tempting foods all around you!

20160729_141924-0120160729_141937-0120160729_141950-0120160729_142049-0120160729_145640-0120160729_142607-01Do you have a technique or tip whenever you go for a buffet? Do share with me because I really need it. I always find it difficult so I really pretty much prefer Ala Carte Menu. But of course, who can resist a buffet of delectable foods? Do have your brunch with your family and friends here and enjoy their mouth-watering dishes with a remarkable and stunning view.

Pax always welcome their guests you can make your reservation online . It’s the best and easiest way without any hassle.

20160729_145728-0120160729_144944-01If you’ll be wondering for a wifi, it’s free access in this restaurant just ask for the code from the reception of the restaurant. I do always check this on each and every restaurants that I go to because this is what we’re all looking for everywhere.

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  1. Whenever we eat out for a buffet what i do is have a little taste of everything. Just a small munch and from there once i found what i like the most i started digging for more ☺☺☺. And i never went out for a dinner buffet i might get stomach bug afterwards… LoL!
    Can you please feature Famous Dave? I really wanted to try but was hesitant.

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  2. It’s always difficult to do justice at a buffet like this. The spread is fantastic. Maybe its the pictures but I felt the sushi was a bit bigger than the usual. Seems like a great place to dine. Thanks for the lovely review.

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