INVITED REVIEW: Cafe 302 Eat.Drink.Chat – Al Maha Arjaan

This newly opened cafe in Al Maha Arjaan, Abu Dhabi which is Cafe 302 is a totally hit for people. With the tagline Eat.Drink.Chat it’s exactly what serves you. I’m glad to have this invite and have the opportunity to explore what they have in-store for everyone.

There were people sitting near the magazine stand hence was not able to take a full pic of this area even the Calendar on the wall 😢
Center area
Private area

Once you step-in you’ll notice the three different areas they have for which you can choose to where to sit that depends on your mood or your reason for getting there. They have the cafe style area, if you’re in the mood of relaxing and reading at the same time. There’s a magazine stand full of interesting books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, etc. Nice and comfortable seats and sofas they have in there. Internet access can be granted for any purchase in the cafe and the code will be provided to you. In the middle where the entrance door is, there’s 2 counter style tables. Tables are high same goes with the chairs. On the other side, tables can be combined to form a long one where you might want a group meeting or small family gathering (there was a birthday celebration here when we went). And lastly is the so-called private area where we actually seated, if you want a little privacy or be separated with a bit of noise.

20160803_191609-0120160803_191634-0120160803_191807-0120160803_191749-0120160803_191819-0120160803_191432-01There’s a lot of things in this cafe and it’s not just about eating. They do have some displays that I thought are just displays but surprisingly they are for sale. Such as apron, wooden cutting boards, kitchen tools & gadgets, some organic products like pasta, oil, juices, chips, etc. I have seen unique decors that they have also like the calendar, clock, the EAT word on the wall on a grass look and the plant on each tables.

20160803_193309-02IMG-20160805-WA0000-01Okay let’s go to the food. We had the cold mezze of olives, dips and spread i.e. Hummus, mint labneh, moutabel with pickled olives and crisp flatbread. There’s one plain and the other with zaatar inside.

20160803_193600-01.jpegThe Pasta Strozzapreti with Chicken & Mushrooms is cooked with Parmesan cream sauce, spinach& toasted pine nuts. It tasted so creamy and delicious. It’s like you ordered from an Italian restaurant. It’s one of my favorites now.

20160803_195024-01.jpegKebabs of Marinated Lamb and Chicken Tikka is with grilled vegetables and house fries which was served with chopped parsley making it look and taste really different than the ordinary ones. Most customers do ask about it from the chef.


20160803_195102-01.jpegNutella & Hazelnut crunch milkshake is a mix of chocolate ice cream, Nutella, hazelnuts and English toffee. Potted banana cream pie is divine! It made a big mark on my head. It’s topped with macadamia nut crust and soft caramel. I ordered Capuccino with this and for me the combination is perfect!


We can’t help but to ask the Exec. Chef, Maren Ibrahim who visits and welcomes each guests about his dishes. He’s very humble person and indeed an amazing chef. During our dinner, we were assisted also by Ms. Dragana, the Outlet Manager. She’s very friendly and she gave me a little tour of the cafe and showcased everything they have for everyone.

If you would love something new to experience be it food and the ambiance, go ahead and visit Cafe 302. I’m very sure you will love it too as much as we did.

Visit their social pages in Facebook , Twitter and Instagram for offers and competitions.

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  1. Their menu sounds awesome a I totally loved the ambience. I loved the neat colourful products displayed. Would be a lovely place to visit.


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