INVITED REVIEW: Let’s relax while dining in Khaymetna Tent – Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan

20160802_201527-01.jpegKhaymetna tent is located beside Kamoon Restaurant in Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan, Abu Dhabi. We went there for a dinner last week. You’ll pass by the beautiful spot of their swimming pool on your way to Khaymetna.


20160802_190944-01Inside is a spacious dining area with amazing corniche view and of the pool. There are 2 wide screens hanged on the wall on each both ends of the restaurant run by a projector. We seated on one side which is nearby the Kamoon restaurant avoiding the view of water. Our son gets crazy when he sees water😅. And we won’t be able to eat anymore.

20160802_191303-0120160802_191120-01It’s Ala Carte Menu this time and I love it! I also asked the staff to help me out for which dishes she can recommend to us and she was indeed helpful. So we ended up with these: Fatoush for Cold Mezze, Falafel Platter for Hot Mezze, Shoaf and Farrouj Mousahab Ala Al Fahem for the main course and Knafa Nabulsiyeh for dessert.

While waiting, I was looking around and noticed that, it’s a place for shisha as well. Even though it’s a covered tent, the smell of shisha is not noticeable. The size of the place helps.

20160802_191504-01.jpegBread with some hummus for dipping, olives and beetroot pickles were served while food were still being prepared. The hummus was so nice and creamy we were able to finish the bread without noticing. And it was just the right time, food came in respectively.

20160802_192403-01.jpegFatoush is a mix of crunchy and fresh veggies such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, mint, sumac, onion, zaatar, walnut, raddish, pomegranate seeds and fried Arabic bread. It’s heavenly tasty and it’s the dressing on it that makes it so different from the ordinary one.

20160802_192425-01.jpegFalafel Platter, it was freshly made falafel served really hot and soft. It’s a deep fried chickpea falafel served with sliced tomatoes tarator sauce. This really made me eat it! I usually don’t like falafel but I was able to eat 3 pcs of this. It’s shape is like a donut with sesame seeds on top.

20160802_193941-01Shoaf is a grilled lamb cubes marinated with oriental spices. It’s tender and juicy served with salad and pizza-like bread.

20160802_193822-01Farrouj Mousahab Ala Al Fahem it’s a half boneless chicken with French fries, salad and garlic sauce. It’s very rich in taste and you can tell how it was cooked. Charcoal!

20160802_200324-01.jpegKnafa Nabulsiyeh is a soft white cheese topped with flaky dough and drizzled with sugar syrup. It was crowned with finely chopped pistachio around the plate and topped with vanilla ice cream. It slowly melts because Knafa was served freshly cooked.

If you’re in love with Arabic cuisine, I definitely recommend here especially of course if you haven’t tried Arabic food. You’ll learn from this restaurant and rest assure you will keep coming back for more!


If you haven’t yet, follow them in Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. You should be checking out their website too for all other concerns.



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