FREE EVALUATION: Hunt for the Hunter’s Gourmet of Hunter Foods!

Hunter Foods is a dubai based company for Hunters Gourmet products. I got 3 of their fantastic flavours such as Mixed Fruit Chips, Mixed Vegetables Chips and Beetroot Chips. To be honest, it was really my first time to open up a packet of chips/snack from this brand and so I was surprised what I saw inside it.

Mixed Vegetables Chips
Mixed Fruits Chips
Beetroot Chips

These snacks are not like flavoured snacks only but they are literally what’s written on the label. If it’s Mixed Vegetables you’ll see mixed veggies in real form, same goes with the rest. That’s make it so unique and fun to eat at the same time. I really don’t like the taste of beetroot but with this I can eat a lot! And you might think they’re hard but no! It can easily become soft once inside your mouth. So I was not afraid to share some to our kiddo as well.


Most of all, we as parents of course we look for a food or even snacks that can be still healthy as much as possible. Here’s what Hunter’s Gourmet has for you and your kids:

gluten free
– msg free
– non GMO
– no preservatives
– no artificial flavours
– no artificial colour

And so since it will be Back to School soon for all of us, we can add this healthy snack for them. They have a 80g size that will surely fit and easily slide-in inside their bag without that much weight too.


Don’t you think this will be helpful and absolutely perfect for us moms to do so? Let me know in the comment below your thoughts and one lucky parent will take home these 3 flavourful snacks just like I did.

Above all, do follow their social media accounts to get updated with offers and competitions too! In Facebook , they do have a competition running now, so check that out, follow their Instagram and Twitter as well. Of course don’t forget to visit their website to know more about their full range of products.



  1. I didn’t try this but after your review I will must try it specially for my kid as he loves chips and this type of unique chips he will love that thank you for such a healthy review

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  2. Frankly speaking I just thought Hunter Food chips are like any other chips only.. But after reading your review I found out that it is very healthy and nutrition loaded. It is in chips form so any child will grab it .. Now it’s going with my kiddo in her lunch box for sure..


  3. Gonna a try it soon…much tempted after reading ur reviews.

    I always look oit healthy and easy option for my kid and this one sounds great


  4. The first time we tried Hunter products was last year when we attended a Christmas bazaar at DIFC from then on i have been an avid consumer, Its great to hear that you did enjoy it. ☺☺


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