INVITED REVIEW: Take me to India Palace

India Palace brings you back to Mughal Dynasty, where Mughal cuisine is exotically prepared with its brimming aroma thus making it an authentic Indian cuisine. Not only that, the atmosphere and interior design of the restaurant is based upon this as well hence making you feel like in a palace and serves you in royalty.

India palace has several branches in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. I was lucky enough to be staying nearby on one of their branches here in Abu Dhabi which is in Deerfields Mall just on the Ground Floor area at the last end corner going towards the Cine Royal part.


From the entrance itself, it welcomes you in a different time right away. Once you step-in, it’s like a time machine that automatically travels you back from the ancient time. There’s one stall set-up in front of the reception it’s like sort of selling accessories attended by a man.


Aside from the open dining area, they have available cabin to use too. There’s an inclined plank towards the cabin, so if you have a stroller or even a disabled person on a wheelchair can easily go up to the cabin. At the end part of the restaurant is the place for making roti, tandoori, etc. Some of the utensils used such as drinking glasses, food servings such as the Murg Biryani are very primitive.



We opted for a cabin since we have a terribly naughty little guy with us. For the seats, one side is in a couch style the other one is having 2 chairs. There’s a buzzer to use for any assistance. Table is complete with utensils including a saucer with 3 small neatly rolled cloths for wiping the hands.



Perhaps because it’s Ala Carte menu that’s making it more exciting for me. We chose mostly the ones are in Chef’s Speciality.


Spicy Papadam was served with some chutney, mint sauce, sweet mango pickle and tamarind sauce for dipping as appetizer.


So we got the NAWAABI SALAD, fresh cucumber, carrot, tomato and bell pepper tossed with olives, pine nuts and feta cheese combined with an olive oil and lemon dressing (it’s very fresh and crunchy. It’s very unusual from the salad that we used to have. It does shows on the ingredients mentioned);


PAHADI KEBAB, charcoal grilled chicken tikka marinated with coriander, mint, spinach and spices (this is very delicious! It’s so tender and the masala used to it gives absolutely different taste to savor. It was served on a sizzling plate fresh from the Chef’s kitchen);


MUGHLAI SEEKH KEBAB, mildly spiced ground meat kebabs with a touch of fresh herbs (the meat is tender and juicy. It was served on a sizzling plate too still smoky);


We enjoyed eating the kebab with this freshly made roti.


DUM GOSHT BIRYANI, long-grained basmati rice layered over succulent pieces of lamb in a rich masala, cooked in a sealed pot (this dish is loaded with flavour. Though you can see the pot is small, once you scooped, your plate will get full same goes with your tummy!);


RASMALAI, soft cheese dumplings, dipped in a sweetened milk, topped with pistachios;


MIXED RAITA, yoghurt with diced onion, tomato and cucumber.


I have tried their new KESAR PISTA SMOOTHIE which I loved so much. It reminds me of my favorite Kulfi.


We have given a small bowl with warm water and lemon to wash our fingers afterwards.


Something to chew to freshen up your mouth.


Finally the staffs who served us are amazing! They are very well dressed up to portray a very good hospitality and blend well with the restaurant ‘s concept. They’re very attentive and knowledgeable with their profession. The Outlet Manager, Mr. Basil and the Supervisor (forgive me I forgot his name) came and welcomed us. Most especially Hari who served us with all his heart and truly a wonderful dinner we had.

With this kind of experience, me as an expat, it gives me more reason to love Indian foods and to try out new menu from them. Do gather around in their place. Be it a meet-up, small celebrations, any occasion because they have a spacious place and it’s family friendly.

Follow them socially for offers and competitions too in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter . If you would like to know more about them you can surf their website   for more details.

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  1. Awesome place to dine. Their kebabs look awesome. Would love to try their kesar pista smoothie. It would be a first for me. Thanks so much for the review. Loved looking at their presentation. Lovely Mughalai dishes

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing place would love to dine in . Love to try pahadi kebab because I love kebabs and I m very impressed by their small bowl with warmed water I had never seen before and bangles stall such a lovely thing for me thank you for this Mughlai review


  3. Been to India Palace, Safeer Mall, Sharjah… And it really keeps up to it’s name!
    Awesome food, beautiful decor, soothing ambience 😍😍


  4. Kenna’s are my favorite!! I love and miss washing my hands in that warm lemon bowls, specially after a scrumptious Indian meal!! Never seen it here in Dubai.. thanks for this piece of information..


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