INVITED REVIEW: A Stop-Over to Tal Al Amar (Emirates Grand Hotel)

From our long journey from Al Ain, we headed straight to Dubai to Emirates Grand Hotel in one of their restaurants which is Tal Al Amar a Lebanese restaurant. The hotel is along the Sheikh Zayed Road near the Financial Centre Metro Station.

We took the car for a valet parking and went up to 46th floor! You heard me right it’s on the 46th floor. It’s  so high oh my gosh! However, once we reached I was astonished and mesmerized with the outstanding view from the glass window. You have the perfect view of the neighbouring buildings, road and the city. It’s heavenly! You can still have the sight of the skyscraper Burj Khalifa even though it’s hiding already from the other buildings.



By the way, right off from the elevator it’s the entrance to the restaurant on your right and if you turn right again that goes straight to the washroom.

The restaurant has different areas for dining. It has the buffet area, an area for some function/event, bar/lounge area and the normal one. It is surrounded with beautiful paintings on the walls and their color theme is purple. In the center you’ll find their closed grilling station and its covered with glass so you can see the action inside.


We came for a nice dinner and dying to try out their Lebanese cuisine. We ordered for the Fatoush and Hummus, Grilled Hamour, Lebanese Mutton Seekh kebab, for drinks I tried their Tal Al Amar cocktail and hubby took the lemon and mint.

Grilling station

Salman, the staff who attended us throughout our dinner, he was very friendly and helpful. He assisted us on what’s best on their menu and he could see also that our son is so naughty that he will run after him as well.


Some bread and kubus with butter was served while waiting for our order to be ready. And when it came:


Fatoush is so nice! Done with fresh vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes with pomegranate seeds, fried kubus drizzled with dressing and tamarind sauce on top. Hummus was there also at the same time which was so creamy and tasty! Dipping the kubus with this alone is crave satisfying.


Then, there it came the Grilled Hamour with fries on the side and lemon butter sauce. The fish was cooked to tender with overflowing juiciness. Dipping it to the sauce makes it more delicious.


The mutton seekh kebab was nicely grilled as well served with fries and garlic sauce. The taste is so powerful that it conquers over the taste of what you ate before it. The Head Chef, Chef Samir has definitely accomplished satisfying their guests!

Tal Al Amar cocktail
Lemon & mint

Having this kind of food after a long tiring journey is really fantastic. It was a great decision to have our tummies to be filled with their sumptuous cuisine. It’s truly a splendid dinner we had and I would like you to visit them as well with your love ones. Have a great time dining with a spectacular view of the city!

Follow them socially for you not to miss their offers and promotions especially now Eid Al Adha is coming the Panorama Restaurant is having an exclusive promotion. To know more follow them on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. For full info that will be on their website. Happy eating!

Tal Al Amar - Emirates Grand Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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