25th Anniversary of Connector Dubai next month!

Connector Dubai will be celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary next month. This will be an exciting month definitely. I have received my magazines (Connector Dubai & Discover Dubai) for this month of August. A lot of interesting subjects can be found there regarding holidays, health, lifestyle, fashion, back to school, etc. How many of you have subscribed to them already? You can actually received it straight through your doorsteps without worries of where to get them by subscribing. Just click this link. And if you haven’t read my previous article about this, you can read it here Tie up your each month with the dose of Connector Dubai & Discover Dubai


Next month, you’ll definitely getting special vouchers in regards to the Anniversary celebration of Connector. Who knows maybe there could be more thats in-store for us. One more thing that I wanted to tell you is that one lucky follower will have a special gift from me if you’ll find a content in Discover Dubai magazine which is related about my blog. The very first one to make a screenshot and post it below the comment will receive the special gift from me. Go ahead and share this!



  1. So good to know about the vouchers. Thanks so much for letting us know about it. Wil definitely look out for the content related to your blog but don’t think I can try for it. Always get my copies a couple of days after the 1st of the month.

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