INVITED REVIEW: Be Famous with Famous Dave’s


It’s still fresh on my mind and I keep on reminiscing it as well, that moment when we step-in in the Famous Dave’s and guided by a very enthusiastic famous lady named Aigerim. So let me give you an introduction first about Famous Dave’s. Dave worked with different spices and ingredients and cooking techniques to come up with the best barbecue and sauce. With his great discovery he became Famous Dave’s and has received hundreds of awards.


In UAE, Famous Dave’s has been operating in Abu Dhabi Mall for 6 months now and it’s the only branch as of now located in 3rd floor. There’s a great news about expanding branches so I’ll tell you later that part. Famous Dave’s is famous because of the taste of its barbecue which has a very distinct and long process and strictly being followed for the taste consistency. The secret is about to be revealed!


SmokerHouse and the Hickory Wood

The smokerhouse is a machine where the cooking process is done. In front it has a tray that goes round like a ferris wheel. On the side of the machine there’s the container for the hickory wood. This wood doesn’t create a flame but it’s only smoke and heat. Amazing right?


Cooking procedure

The meat is cooked for 12 hrs in a slow procedure. There’s a FAT tester as they call it. They check the Feature, Appearance and Texture of the meat. It’s a slow cooking process that has to be met without shortcuts else the result will be a nightmare for them.


The Sous Chef, Chef Aaron was there with Mr. Anoop, the Restaurant Manager to let me see it live in the kitchen. Chef Aaron must always have to make sure the machine is on it’s great performance, as how I was told, the SmokerHouse is his Baby! His fully in-charged of it and oh boy! Wait til I tell you about the food later.

Hickory Wood

Dining Areas

There are several dining areas inside Famous Dave’s as follows with images:

The Entrance
The Porch
The Grand Barn
The Outer
The Patio
The Smoker
The Expo

Food Time!

Famous Aigerim (as how they are called) she chose the Patio for us to be seated. This area gives you a beautiful sight of the lights and busy roads and a little privacy as well from the others. Mr. Deraj, the Assistant Manager, introduced himself to us and he patiently explained their menu. It’s really our first time to visit and so we needed help to figure out where to start. To make it simplier for us, they decided to make a sampler platter of almost everything aside from the recommended dishes by Mr. Deraj.



Without getting idle, Famous Danillo came with a chips and different barbecue sauces with him. There are 5 sauces namely: Rich & Sassy  (Famous awarding sauce), Devil Spit  (Spicy), Texas Pit, Sweet & Zesty and Georgia Mustard. He explained it briefly the differences of these sauces on a plate on a creative way making a smiley face as the end result. It was very entertaining with knowledge!


Now, the first sampler platter came. You’ll get a Traditional Wings with Devil Spit sauce on it, Famous Dave’s wedges, Fried Pickles, Buffalo Shrimp with onion rings, Salmon spread with fire grill flat bread, and the Carrot & Celery Sticks. In the center there are 3 dippings you can use which are the lime ranch, blue cheese and honey barbecue sauce.


Now in single servings came, the Brisket Tacos (Recommended dish) using a flour tortilla wrapper filled with coleslaw, shredded lettuce, brisket (beef), jalapeño pickled red onion and pico de gallo.


We got Burnt Ends, it’s a Pitmaster secret where tender pieces of Texas beef Brisket seared and carmelized with Sweet & Zesty barbecue sauce and some Onion rings with it which are breaded and flash fried served with remoulade sauce.


The Texas Beef Brisket with meat sauce  is a classic one rubbed with a blend of Dave’s secret spices, coarse black pepper and a hint of a brown sugar, then slow-smoked over hickory until it’s juicy and tender.


Cedar Plank Salmon is literally cooked on top of the cedar wood. It’s grilled, glazed and carmelized, then served on a smoldering cedar plank still smoky.


There’s also the Dave’s Fried Half Chicken, it’s seasoned and fried to order served with Honey Buffalo or Dave’s Revenge and Honey Sauce or white barbecue sauce. There’s the side dishes with it like the Mashed Potato and Dave’s Cheesy Mac & Cheese.


This Beef Back Rib is cooked for 5-6 hrs in slow-smoked then slathered with a famous sauce in an open flame to seal in the famous flavor in. This is like a cotton! You don’t need a knife to grab a bite. Fork alone is enough.


While still not finishing all these, aside from what we ordered for drinks which were Yuzu Mojito and Lemon & Mint, there were other drinks came as a sampler such as the Banana Pudding Smoothie which is sweet but not too much just enough for kids also, Shandy is a non-alcoholic type of beer called Herb from Germany and the Fresh Garden Spritzer which was lively prepared in front of us. There’s a bottle container which is having a mixture of grape fruit, thyme infused with elder flower syrup just waiting for the spritzer (Scavi & Ray) white grape to be mixed! To be honest, my love for Mojito slightly forgotten once I have tasted this. It taste so nice!


A sampler platter came also for dessert! That’s the Walnut Coffee Brownie it’s a warm, walnut covered chocolate coffee brownie with whipped cream on the side and drizzled with hot fudge, Dave’s Famous Bread Pudding (Recommended) it’s made from scratch bread pudding, drizzled over with pecan praline sauce with whipped cream. The sauce of this it’s what makes it divine! It’s so so good! Especially when you’re eating it while it’s still warm. Down Home Banana Pudding is a fresh slices of banana made to rich and creamy topped with some vanilla round wafers and whipped cream. The brownie and the bread pudding are both topped with vanilla ice cream however since we also have the Famous Sundae, it’s a whipped cream Oreo fudge topped with vanilla bean ice cream sprinkled with Hundreds & Thousands that were put altogether in this Sundae.

* A bucket is on the table to keep the bones there😉


It was such an amazing night! Great food with great people. Makes it really so special. Staffs are way too knowledgeable about their menu, they’re down to earth people also even Mr. Anoop and Mr. Deraj.

This place is best for all types of people and occasion. Be it a normal day alone or a feast with family and friends. Do visit them and you’ll get only the best from them! By the way, it will open soon in Al Wahda Mall by November and one branch also in Dubai. Awesome isn’t it?

You can find them socially in Facebook , Twitter and Instagram to get updated. And they do delivery as well so you wanna have a look at their website where you can find their menu.

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  1. Wow !! Their menu looks absolutely delicious especially the desserts. Nice huge portions of the main meal. Loved the spread. Hope to get a chance to try it out when we are in Abu Dhabi. Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. The interiors are really amazing…. The place has a vintage look…
    & the way you described their desserts, I want to go to Abu Dhabi right now (It’s 2:40 am right now) to try them out. Wish they had a branch here in Sharjah or Dubai 😐


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