Tanjore is an Indian restaurant in Danat Al Ain Resort that cooks in a traditional clay oven in the lobby level. You can have either your lunch or dinner here. We had our dinner here actually and the food is fantastic. It’s definitely because of their cooking technique as mentioned above. Plus of course with the undoubtedly skills of the Head Chef, Chef Abdul Sikander. The place has a unique entrance door with some spices displayed in front.


The interior design explains well. If you’ll search Tanjore, it’s a city in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Hence, the style, some utensils they used for serving and even the art decors are related to this. Staffs are good and attentive. They always check if assistance is needed. They have a dedicated plate also for kids that’s immovable. Which is pretty helpful.


Ok so we had Spicy Papadam with some sweet mango chutney, mint chutney and tamarind sauce while they’re preparing.


We ordered for the KARARE BAIGAN KA SALAD, this is a sliced-deep fried baby eggplant tossed with onion, capsicum, tomato, coriander leaves and homemade tamarind and mint chutney. You’ll get the crisp texture of the eggplant and dressing they used makes it so delicious. It’s my first time to have this and I really appreciate and glad that I tried it for a change in Salad.


CHAAP ADRAKI, is a juicy lamb chop in creamy spiced yoghurt and freshly chopped ginger. The servings of this if good for 2-3 people. I thought I could eat it alone. The meat is tender and soft. MUTTON SEEKH KEBAB, this we never miss to have. It’s a minced lamb blended with spices herbs and barbecued on skewer. We took some roti for this. LUCKNAWI GOSHT KI BIRYANI, this is a tender lamb cooked in lucknawi masala and layered with fragrant rice.


For dessert we just took the RASMALAI, simple but very nice dessert and one of my favorites. If you could notice the names on the menu are not in English. Well they do explain nicely what is it so no worries on that plus the description is in English. After a tiring day of exploring the full resort since we only have one day, we had a wonderful dinner at the end of the day and can relax some more until morning!

*This is a continuation part of my full review of the resort. You can find it here Summer could never be more than fun in Danat Al Ain Resort

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  1. Amazing restaurant and karare baigan ka salad I listen first time and looks mouthwatering and interior decoration display whole Indian traditional thank you so much for such an amazing reviews


  2. The Karare Baigan Ka Salad is a very unique dish. Never heard of it before. Would love to try it out. Loved the interior designs with the the theme of a forest. It is lovely. Looks like a lovely place. Hope to visit them some day. Thanks so much for sharing.


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