I was given the opportunity to try out the Lush Spot Treatment product. My concern is for some pimples that still pops out. As how the product claims, it’s really very effective. Just apply the gel with your clean finger on the affected area only. This is whenever you feel or notice that a pimple will start, you can immediately apply this and it will prevent the pimple to grow and break out. Or sometimes it will help to ripen it fast and go immediately like 2-3 days. Otherwise, the pimple will slowly shrink and disappear. You can apply this as frequently as you want.

This product is in 45g in black container with a pump and the formula is in gel type. When it dries it’s like a glue dried on your face. This is like having an additional vanishing formula aside from its natural ingredients and being a handmade product because it’s so so effective!

You’ll find on the packaging the employee who made it on a cartoonish style and I find it unique.

Mask of Magnaminty (Body & Face Mask)


A body and facial mask in a black small pot size weighing 315g. The reason why I have this, it’s because you can use it for regular maintenance routine or just when you badly need it. It’s another wonderful and amazing handmade product of LUSH with self-preserving formula. It’s made of peppermint that gives you a peppermint with sort of a bit chocolate scent once applied on your skin. Whenever I notice that my face is getting exhausted and about to show some pimples I’ll start applying this right away. Once at night before sleeping. You can use it daily there’s no harm on that. Apply an even layer on your whole face. It has a texture of a scrub but a mask on your face that has to stay within 5-10mins and then rinse off with warm water. I always pat or dub the towel on my face not in rubbing motion to dry it out. You’ll get a smooth skin as a result after rinsing. And with continuous usage you’ll get your skin back to good condition and prevent breakouts.


Key Ingredient: Contains enough peppermint to work with the body and wake up sluggish skin.

**If you bring back to the store 5 pots or tubes with a RECYCLE logo you’ll get one fresh mask for free!



This is a toner that can be applied through spraying it straight on your face with closed eyes or use a cotton and wipe it. When you spray it, it will come out as a water type that’s why they call it Toner Water. I have chosen this because it’s best for oily or spot prone skin. Tea Tree is the best ingredient for antibacterial, antiseptic and anti microbial. The bottle contains 100g of liquid. Better to use it after your facial mask with Mask of Magnaminty.

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  1. Awesome products. I would like to give the grease lightening a try as it suggests wuick results. Glad to know they are an environmentally friendly brand that uses natural ingredients. Thanks so much for the review.


  2. Does the GREASE LIGHTNING (Spot Treatment) helps prevent dark spot when pimples healed or vanished? I’ve never tried their other products aside from the bath bombs which is really a great product BTW


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