INVITED REVIEW: Taste of Taco in El Sombrero

El Sombrero is a Mexican restaurant located in Sheraton Abu Dhabi corniche. It’s just outside the hotel near the entrance. It’s one of their famous mexican restaurants available in the hotel.


You’ll get the mexican atmosphere once you enter here. Live entertainment stage is nearby the entrance with the display of some mexican hats. It was Saturday when we went so we were not able to witness the show. Sombrero means Hat by the way it’s exactly the same word and meaning in our country as well because of our Spanish culture. Anyway going down to our table you’ll pass by the bar.


Top of the tables are made of tiles with vibrant colors and beautiful design. Even the fork and knife are having like a sword type of style. El Sombrero is providing private rooms as well for some family gatherings or small celebration.



I met Mr. Luciano, the Manager in the restaurant and he briefly explained to us about the Tacos they have. We actually came that night for their Tacos Promotion. I love tacos so much so I gave it a shot. What’s more intriguing is that they have 6 mouthwatering flavours.

Chips with pico de gallo and bean paste for dips


The promotion is you can have any 4 of your choice of Tacos with a beverage for AED99+ . The 6 flavours are namely: Taco with Tempura Fish ( so delicious! you’ll love it too I never thought tempura can be in taco) it’s battered fish topped with capsicum dressing, cucumber & carrots.


Braised Lamb it’s in banana leaves with adobo topped with avocado, onion and coriander.


Grilled Beef steak is topped with sautéed onions and coriander.


Chilli Marinated Chicken it’s grilled chicken rubbed with achiote and chilli marination topped with grilled pineapple


Fried Shrimp it’s a battered shrimp with coleslaw and chipotle mayo.


Vegetable Taco contains corn truffle and sweet corn stew topped with pico de gallo and queso fresco. These will be served with Salsa and some onions mixed with some chillis and dressing.


These sumptuous tacos are prepared by a Mexican Specialty Chef, Chef Froylan. I did enjoy all the flavours and all of them are superb! I usually have the ordinary tacos which are either minced beef or chicken in a taco shell. And yah! Their taco is made of flour and I’m guessing it’s a corn flour.

This promo is good until September only except Fridays from 6pm-12.30am so you better try it as well by making a reservation on 02 677 3333 or by sending an email to

Parking: Valet is for 10dhs you can park it for yourself otherwise in the parking area just straight ahead on your left

Wifi: Free without access code

Goodie Bag: Coloring materials provided as complimentary for kids.

Live Entertainment: Sunday-Thursday by Latin Trio group

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  1. The tacos look really delicious. I had a bad experience at a Mexican restaurant many years back so have not had tacos for a very long time. Would love to try it out. The pictures are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

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