FREE EVALUATION: For the love of Tarts!

I found TARTS in Instagram (not in the bakery shop! Hahaha!) and I found their creations to be tempting and irresistible! That’s just a picture what more if it goes to your mouth? Let’s see…


TARTS is a Dubai-based online shop for tarts pastry. However delivery is not a problem it’s open in all over UAE. I’m from Abu Dhabi and the delivery is pretty fast! Just the next day I received my sweet goodies already. I have tried ordering pastries like this before and I have bad experience with it. I’m not really sure if the delivery guy knows what’s he’s delivering and when I opened the box, most of them got distorted. With TARTS, they place the tarts nicely and carefully in the box. Tarts are even sticked on the cake board using a thick syrup to keep them in place. Pretty brilliant right? Still a pretty much extra care needs from the delivery guy. SMSAR delivery does it perfect! I got ’em safe and in perfect shape.

Okay so I got 4 yummy handpicked flavours with me such as Vanilla Custard topped with fresh berries, Peanut Butter Cream topped with a peanut and drizzled with coco powder, Dulce de Leche Cream with Walnuts and Salted Chocolate Caramel topped with crispy rice coated in chocolate. They’re all lip smacking and these flavours are part of new and creative style of making tarts. I’m pretty sure it’s because they strictly do they’re business philosophy that’s why customers are highly satisfied! Tarts are always freshly made, they use premium ingredients to make sure it won’t affect the taste, they always come up with new sensational flavours so you won’t get bored getting the same one all the time!


Salted Chocolate Caramel

When I received this I was actually in a bad shape and I didn’t really believe even before that receiving a package like this will make you feel better not until today. It’s the appearance of the tarts made me smile and the taste made me lightened and brightened up more.


Peanut Butter Cream


Vanilla Custard
Dulce de Leche Cream with Walnuts

Perfect gifts for any occasion for sure! You’ll not regret it. Because it’s a perfect combination for coffee/tea time. You can just make a one day advance order (pre-order) through Whatsapp 052 593 2336 and the menu is available on their website. Do share and send some with your love ones and make them happy too!



  1. The tarts looks really tempting. Hope to try them out. I love that they is such a wide choice and in so many of our favourite flavors. The presentation is superb with berries and nuts. Thanks so much for the review.

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