INVITED REVIEW: Le Terrace 3 in 1

Le Terrace is a restaurant and cafe that has the power for you to sit in one stop and dine. Why? It provides 3 well-known cuisines that mostly people look and crave for. It serves Italian, Arabic and Indian cuisines.


It’s been operating for 5 years now and it offers different dining areas that will make you comfortable with. There’s fine dining area (non-smoking), Shisha/smoking area, and upstairs you can either have a private event/celebration or plan a gathering with small groups.


If you haven’t heard and visited yet, Le Terrace is located in Mushrif Mall on the 3rd floor. I was lucky enough to sit and chat with the I wner, Mr. Emad who’s  a chef before himself. He’s a humble person and knows how to catch the heart of his guests. Well not only that without his great staffs, Le Terrace would not be functioning well too.


We were guided and assisted by Altaf. He made everything easy for us in selecting their finest dishes and he gave me a guided tour around the place also. Mr. Riyad, the Manager gave us his precious time as well. He was so busy in the other dining area (shisha/smoking area) assisting guests but still was able to manage to come on our table. They have talented chefs who are behind these delicious and very appetizing and appealing dishes. That’s Chef Mohideen and Chef Abdul Lateef. I was fond of watching Chef Saj who’s making roti. Their tandoori clay oven is visible in the counter that everyone can witness. A lot of rotis he made without a sweat!

So what we had for the dinner was an Italian Salad called CARPACIO. It’s made of air dread veal meat with Rakka leaves, grilled zucchini, fresh mushrooms, balsamic & virgin olive oil topped with parmesan cheese.


SPAGHETTI CARBONARA is a typical pasta with a white sauce made of fresh cream sauce, beef bacon, egg and parmesan cheese.


LE TERRACE MIX GRILL is a combination of shish tawouk, lamb tikka, kebab halabi, lamb chops, arayes and chicken kebab served with garlic sauce and tandoori roti.


HUMMUS WITH MEAT is a puree of chickpeas with diced of lamb meat drizzled with olive oil and topped with pine nuts and some fried kubus.


Freshly made tandoori roti

Then we had a refreshing drink of Lemon & Mint! I took the Caramel Crepes for dessert at the end.


All dishes were tasty, meat on the grill are tender and juicy. The pasta is creamy and delicious as well as the salad. The noodle was cooked to aldente.

Complimentary fresh and crunchy salad with pickles when dining

Le Terrace service doesn’t end in their own territory. They do also deliveries and catering. It’s all over online such as Zomato, Talabat, FoodonClick, etc. However, the good news is, they will launch their own mobile app soon for that. Fantastic right? Follow them on Facebook and you can check out their menu there.

Le Terrace Restaurant & Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



  1. Thanks for the review. Their humous and salad is something new for me. Never had humous served with meat before. Nice place too.


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