FREE EVALUATION: Power of Coconut with COCO VEDA

COCO VEDA was successfully founded last 2014 with an objective of to make a difference in the farmer communities. They were able to make a various range of products out of the best possible ingredients that coconut can offer. All products are cold pressed and no machines were used.

I have tried several products from them and you can read my opinion as follows:

Coco Relief


This product is the first one that I have encountered to be really effective when it comes to body pain. If your pain is mild it will disappear just within 2-3hrs nevertheless the next day definitely it’s gone and your ready to fight the day again. Just you have to rub it on the painful area until the skin absorbs it. Massage is not even required. This comes in 100ml bottle in color green formula.



It’s my first time to use this as a makeup remover. And as I have read online it truly removes makeup faster than others. I used a cotton pad and wipe it gently on my face and I’m very impressed! The best thing is it’s a natural product that I’m using to free my face from makeup. Well there are so many other ways you can use it daily. Such as for cooking, for your hair, etc. You can either have this in sachets or in 100ml bottle.

Baby Lotion/Baby Oil

These products my baby loves too much both for massaging. Both are excellent for nourishing the baby’s skin. He’s skin dries also at this time so it deeply moisturizes and makes his skin soft and smooth. I guess as how much I love the scent this is what attracts him too. Both have the same like cotton sweet candy scent. It’s very funny when he grabs it and will lie on his stomach pointing at his back. Means he wants a massage there. These products are absorbant to the skin. They’re lightweight on the skin that you’ll never notice that you applied something there what only remains is the sweet scent. Lotion is in tube with 100 gm and oil is in 110ml.

Coco Diaper Cream


With just a little amount applied on a clean affected area on each and every diaper change, rashes will go. It’s a white cream in a small jar (100gm) that vanishes while rubbing it on the skin. For my baby, in a day or two rashes disappears.

Coco Repel Oil


This is very nice product because it’s very effective as well. It’s an oil that you have to apply on your skin and it’s not greasy. You can freely roam around ending without insect bites at all.

Coco Scalp oil


It has to be applied warm on your scalp before taking a bath. Place the bottle on a hot water for awhile then rub a few amount of oil on your scalp and leave it for at least 30 mins and then just rinse with your shampoo. This helps moisturizing your scalp that prevents it from getting dry and itchy which creates dandruff.

Coco Moisturizing Oil


It smoothens your skin once applied and it has a coconut smell though not that strong. It’s absorbant to the skin within 20 minutes. The best way is to apply it on your body at night before going to sleep at least 30 mins. You can opt to have it specifically on dry areas only. Will be useful for massage as well.

Coco Rose Soap (Cold Processed)


I used it for bath and I’ve noticed that the rough part on my skin on my upper arm disappeared after using it just after few days. Just to make sure that it really does the effect, I stopped it for awhile and it came back. That means this solves my problem though it doesn’t makes it stop it prevents it as long as you’re using it.

Coco Facial Night Oil


This product was made as an anti-aging but results is not limited to that. My pimples dries out fast and disappears too along with this. It nourishes and moisturizes your skin. Apply little amount only on a cleansed face at night before sleeping. Rub it gently on a circular motion on your face and let your skin absorb it. It’s not that absorbant to be honest. You will still feel it on your skin but not heavy. I don’t mind this since it’s an effective product for me.

Herbal Dark Shampoo


It’s for nourishing your hair and giving you a healthy hair growth when used regularly. I normally shampoo my hair every other day. Shampoo everyday is not that advisable as it washes away your hair’s natural oils hence making your hair dry. This is advisable to be used twice a week and two times per usage (250 ml).



I got few sachets of coco sap sugar which is concentrated you can just use half of it per cup. Ideally for diabetic people because it contains low glycemic index unrefined sugar which is a safe alternative for artificial sweetener.

*Most of the oil products will eventually solidify in time. Just have to make them warm by placing it on a hot water to make it warm and liquify again.

As of now COCO VEDA is available in Asian countries, West Africa and Middle East. Their online store will be up soon!

Also, currently COCO VEDA is looking for Goodwill Brand Ambassador as they call it for their products as an introduction to the market. If you have blog or  owning an online store and if you’re interested you may contact them by emailing to You can find them too socially now in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You may want to visit their website for a little more information about them.

If you want to purchase some of their products you may contact me too.



  1. So many uses of coconut oil gr8. They smell so divine and makes me feel nostalgic coconuts are a part of us in Kerala- God’s Own country. Excellent review. ❤them


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