FREE EVALUATION: Stay elegant with The Mommy Co.

Do you know what’s great about The Mommy Co.? It specializes fashionable and stylish dress designs for pregnant or expectant and nursing mommies. Being a mom herself, behind this fabulous idea, nobody else can better understand what we (moms) needed and what’s most comfortable with us when we’re expecting or nursing especially here in UAE but a mom like us too.

To be honest, I myself, was like went out of fashion nearly 2 years ago when I got pregnant. How I wish they were available back then (TheMommyCo. just newly founded last June 2016). As a normal reaction, the more your tummy gets bigger, the more loose or bigger clothes we wear. And when it comes to nursing, you’ll just rather stick to the house instead of ending up to be in an awkward situation outside. Though for me I really don’t care because I have to feed our baby but of course if I can get a suitable and convenient clothes for it isn’t that better?



I’m very glad to bumped into their Instagram account few weeks ago. Though I’m not pregnant, still I nurse. I tried the Hello Baby brand for the Nursing Top. Simple but very effective clothes for nursing. It’s gray in color, soft material and stretchable. When you have to feed, you can just lift the top near the bust line. That’s it! Not much of skin exposure that you have to lift all the way up or unbutton showing half of your chest already. Perfect for casual jeans or pair it up with your favourite leggings. It’s so comfortable and convenient. You can get this for only AED99 online and avaialble in grey, white and navy blue.


I have also tried one of their sleeping wear which is Anne Flower Print Nursing Pyjama set by Olian Maternity. The top is button-up top with elastic waist pants. This also comes with a baby night gown with long sleeves and elastic hem. It’s good from new born to 3 months babies. Both are in black and white flower print and 100% cotton. This is available in Small, Medium and Large sizes online for AED349.


Frankly speaking, I’m wearing shirt for my top in the house so I have to pull it all the way up when feeding at night or midnight. But since I got this, you just have to unbutton it whenever it’s needed. The length where the buttons are is sufficient enough for feeding. So I really find this very comfortable and I can be on my elegant sleeping wear😉!

Any of you got the same experience I had during your pregnancy or when you were nursing with clothing problems? Let me know in the comment below. Would love to share and even your ideas.


Oh by the way, when I received this package there were freebies came along with it. I got 4 pcs of delicious scented candles and some Mama Mio products like The Tummy Rub Butter which is very helpful during pregnancy because it’s absolutely safe to use and effective protection against Stretchmarks and itchy tummies. Oh how I remember during those days. It was really itchy while my belly keeps on growing and very tempting to make a scratch. It’s a white cream and must apply it twice a day around the belly and with it’s fabulous scent you will feel fabulous as well! Skin will be soft and smooth after application. It’s an absorbant cream and you can continously using this even after 4 months of delivery. I skipped this one though I just tried it for curiosity on how it feels on the skin. The Pregnancy Boob Tube is a protection cream that improves the appearance of the skin of your breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I got it for 30ml and its a white cream that gradually disappears while rubbing on the skin and leaving your skin soft and smooth. I tried to use this one since it’s applicable for me. It’s fast absorbant and no stickiness. It has to be applied from below the breast to the neck daily throughout pregnancy and upto 6 months after delivery. This has the same scent with the Tummy Rub Butter. Products from Mama Mio are FREE from Paraben, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, synthetic fragrances, artificial colorants, xenoestrogens, phthalates, PEGs and glycols which are very harmful ingredients. Which definitely we don’t want.

Lastly, the online store  also got a blog which is absolutely helpful on giving tips and awareness for pregnant women. Follow their Facebook page and Instagram for awesome deals and offers. You’ll get the chance to win some fabulous prizes from time to time competitions too. Stay updated with their fantastic collections and cosmetics that’s perfectly for you!

** They accept COD and even Debit Card aside from Credit Card

P.S. The flower on their logo name is a Magnolia flower that represents Pure and Perfection 👍 which is the same design they used for their wrappers.



  1. How I wish, something like this was available when I was pregnant 6 years back… all these would have definitely made my pregnancy days, and early motherhood days easier 👍😊


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