INVITED REVIEW: Have a Sushi in SushiSan – Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi (Embassies District)

Everyone has started their holidays and I started mine with SushiSan in Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi in Dhafeer St. with my friends last week. It’s a newly opened restaurant and it’s grand opening happened last September 6. This is a Japanese restaurant purely for Sushi lovers. And guess what? I’m one of them. I haven’t been to a specific restaurant for sushi that’s why I always look for them in a buffet. But it’s never been better than going to a sushi place indeed! And what if you’re not a sushi lover? You’ll become one of us. Read more to know why.


SushiSan can be found easily located on the lobby level of the hotel on your right side. It has a great ambiance and different kinds of table set-ups to accommodate different numbers of guests. A huge painting of a beautiful Japanese lady on the left corner is very eye catching. You can find some other similar paintings also where we seated just smaller ones. They have dedicated kids’ table utensils as well which I find very useful.

This is where we seated


Utensils for kids

We had sampled their platters. We tried the Platter 4 which is consisting of 6 pcs of each: Tiger Tempura (carrot, cucumber, parmesan, spicy mayo rolled on sesame seeds), California Maki (crab, avocado and mayo) Salmon Fantasy (salmon, spicy mayo, avocado, cream cheese, rolled on sesame seeds) and Rainbow Maki (crab, salmon and spicy mayo). And among these 4 it’s the Rainbow Maki is the one that’s a bit spicy and I love that twist!



The Platter 8 is consisting of Ultimate Dynamite Shrimp (shrimp with spicy mayo and scallion, a bit spicy too), Creamy Lobster Roll (sesame dressing, cream cheese, mango, asparagus, scallion), Salmon Fantasy and Seared Tuna Loin (miso dressing, scallion salad, chilli and cilantro) which was medium cooked as we requested. This platter comes with an assorted sake also however we opted out that part since we don’t drink. For drinks we had Arizona Iced Tea and Apple, Passion, Mango which are bottled drinks.



All these were freshly made once ordered. The flavour is brimming in the air while cooking and preparing each of them. I can remember my friend saying she loves the scent to be present in their house coz it’s elegant. Not the typical food smell you will get in the kitchen. Sushi San provides all kinds of sushi with some infused ingredients making it more scrumptious and savory.

By the way this Mochi Ice Cream was my first time to try it. It’s cold jellyish from the outside and the ice cream is in the inside as a filling. Enjoyable treat! So that’s a vanilla, strawberry and green tea flavours on a platter.


Since I have our small one with us, I chose the Salmon Popcorn (small diced of salmon deep fried) and Crispy Rice Balls for him ( rounded japanese rice into balls rolled into a flour and deep fried) served with sauce for taste. Just right for the kids.


Staffs are well knowledgeable with their menu. If you find it difficult to choose especially if you’re a first timer, ask for their recommendations.

SushiSan has it’s own Facebook page and you can find them in Zomato  too. Follow their page for hot offers and competitions!

* Free Valet Parking
* Free wifi

SushiSan - Holiday Inn Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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