INVITED REVIEW: Galito’s Fame is on their Flame

Everybody loves chicken! Who doesn’t isn’t it? But the challenging part is that, who can make the taste different and remarkable from others! Because we’ll definitely make a queue in the restaurant which will make you really crave for it.

Here I go with my food grill journey and Galito’s has made it on my list as well. But this time it’s purely about Chicken grill and it’s firing on a Flame Grill technique all the way from South Africa.


Galito’s has several branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and I’m glad and proud to say we visited the one in Bay Square in Business Bay. Why? There’s one thing in this place that it’s only being served here which is their Pizza. Yum! Yum! I’ll tell you later more about it.

The place has a great interior south african design. I love especially the carving on the ceiling in the center. Using vibrant colors makes the atmosphere light and eye-catching. All tables are marked with Galito’s trademark with their 4 signature peri-peri sauces namely: Extra Hot, Hot, Mild and Lemon and Herb.


Ok so last Saturday we had our lunch there and it was our first time to visit Galito’s ever. There was Raghav to help us out with the menu and introduced us with their signature and recommended dishes. We had the Chicken Sosaties at first. This dish is absolutely and absolutely will make you say HHMMMMMM! So flavoursome and tender! It’s flame grilled barbecue flavoured boneless chicken thigh cubes and dry apricots on a skewer with creamy barbecue dip. And this dip is really fantastic.


Then it will not be a complete visit without trying out the PERI PERI chicken itself from the menu. This is exclusively 24-hr marinated chicken with Only natural ingredients and grilled in a flame grill served with any of the side dishes.  We got the steamed broccoli with this. Delicious and it’s truly mouth-watering.


We tried their Espetada too and I requested for a mix of prawns and chicken on one skewer so we’ll be able to try both. This dish comes in 2 side dishes and we opted for a steam rice and regular fries (for our Hamza). Grilled with capsicums in between and some bayleaf as they say it does the trick on this. Truly amazing taste.


Now as I mentioned earlier about the pizza, they have around 7 flavours if I can remember it right and I chose Mexicano for this. It’s topped with mince beef, onions, jalapenos, peppers, mozarella and parmesan cheese. The crust is not that thick and not that thin and it’s a spicy one. I was happy to choose this because it’s absolutely tasty and even though it’s spicy it will make you to take more.


And I always wait for the dessert part! I tried their best-seller Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream. Wow! This is a bomb! The pudding was served warm and drizzled with caramel sauce. This sauce it’s not the ordinary one that you get its very different. This made the pudding so heavenly delicious and before I’ll forget there’s dates inside the pudding and eating it with the ice cream makes it so perfect!


Laranja is the mocktail the I had that time. It’s a mixture of Orange and Strawberry. The other one is Kiwi Mojito a unique fusion of kiwi to swivel the traditional mojito. I loved this! Very refreshing.


Have you ever been to this place like we did? I mean like the same branch. Or where have you tried Galito’s before?

Galito’s can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s a must for their awesome offers and even competitions. Check out their website and know more about their history.

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