INVITED REVIEW: Chilling out the weekend in Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa

Pool does helps a lot to soothe and make us stay cool  when the temperature rises. It’s one of the best way to beat the heat and we’re very glad that we were able to enjoy and experience the luxurious pool and the beach of Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa located on the ground level.


We arrived there around evening already when the sun has just set. Well, that will be better to escape the sunburn though. On the reception of this facility, you have to register and the towels are available from there. They have clean and spacious changing room which is just beside the reception desk. Separate rooms for men and women and this also gives access straight to the Fitness Centre if you go straight down the hall. Our little one as the usual jumped right off the pool right away after changing his attire. I love the part of their pool where the height of the water is just enough for your feet to soak and the width of the floor is enough to walk around and even some beach chairs where placed on it. That’s where Hamza stayed and enjoyed swimming all by himself. For the first time he moved around the pool freely. There were some floating devices that everyone can use even kids to play. During that time, Hamza made a friend where they played catching the ball and swimming on a reverse mode 🙂


In between, I went down the beach to try to capture some picturesque moment. It was quiet and the beach looked so peaceful. From the sand that I was standing, I took a photo of the hotel and it looked liked a sand castle that was so gigantic or could be me who got shrinked and became a dwarf (hahaha!) It was a lovely evening, walking down the shore and having a moment alone for awhile.



So it was dinner time and we forcefully took Hamza out of the pool because he will never go out from there. We went to Arjwan Restaurant located in P2 level. It’s an Emirati restaurant which is having different types of settings. Above the floor level, there are some booths as they call it. These are for some guests who want something a little bit more private. There are tables for big groups as well and a totally separate room where it can accommodate 10-15 people for some events or celebrations use. You can opt to dine in also on their terrace which is very favorable this coming winter. It offers a beautiful view of the city and if you look back looking upwards, you’ll see the majestic view of the hotel.


Beautiful sight of the hotel from the terrace of Arjwan
City view from the terrace of Arjwan

Arjwan actually has just re-opened for a month now to revamp their menu and some other internal changes for their guests to experience new dining experience. On their menu you can actually have a separate page for their Signature dish that will make it easier for you to make a choice.


We were offered an Arabic Coffee while exploring the menu and eventually we started with a complimentary starter which is a Zumac and Zaatar Lavash with zaatar paste and hareera.


Then my soup came which was Classical Moroccan Lamb Harira Soup. This is very nice one and delicious.   It’s made of small slices of lamb, chickpeas, rice, black pepper and celery.


At the same time the Arjwan Signature Mezze. This is good for 2 people and it’s a combination of hot and cold mezze. This came with Kibeh, Chicken liver, Cheese Samosa, Vine leaf, Babaganoush, Hummus and Salad with cheese. Love all the combinations they have put altogether with this. Want to highlight the salad is very very good!


The  Lamb Shish Kebab was served on a golden color square plate. It’s a lamb cubes marinated in an emirati mix spices. Tender enough and absolutely tasty! Served with some arabic bread, garlic paste, olive oil, green shanks and molasses.


Meanwhile, we had the opportunity to meet on our table the new Exec. Chef, Chef Mohammed. We came to know from him some cooking process about the camel’s meat and all food are served fresh. Cooked upon order. There was Mr. Mohamed, the Manager, who  welcomed us as well.

This time the Traditional Emirati Majboos came with some yoghurt. This is a rice sort of like biryani and a fish in it. Taste good too and our son loved eating it.


We’re about to finish and so we requested for Kunafa for dessert. We had our drinks like Lemonade and Mojito Bel Bortokal.



And so our dinner has been completed and we were delighted with their delectable dishes. Their concept is mainly to serve Emirati cuisine with a twist in a modern way.

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  1. A very nice place to relax and rejuvenate. I loved the ambiance at Arjwan Restaurant. Their lighting is really very attractive. Loved their menu too. Hope to get a chance to visit them. Thanks so much for the lovely and detailed review.


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