INVITED REVIEW: A sweet retreat dessert from Paper Fig

I was fascinated to know that there’s a hidden gem in Sharjah that specialises with desserts and catering. It’s not on the main road itself and the area is not usually like where people would go to for eating. But of course for people who know it and who’s around the neighborhood do come and easy for them to find it already. It’s nearby the University City Road check it out here to be more clearer 🙂



Paper Fig has been successfully operating for 2 years now. It was Saturday (lunch time) when we visited them for the first time and to my amusement it’s jam-packed! It’s very attractive to locals/arabs taste. It’s like it’s their community. But since I was wearing my abaya as well I didn’t mind at all.


The restaurant has a light and great atmosphere. The interior design is with some sort of classic, recycling concept with a mix of modern way. I love the beautiful plants outside their windows together with the style of the shades outside the restaurant giving out a French style shop.

There was Mr. Sanal, the Supervisor who welcomed us in and Thola took care of us. We seated nearby the kitchen window where the actions were all coming from. The menu was handed out to us and it’s on a wooden clipboard showing first how the PF has started.


We chose to have the Bolognese Fetuccine, it’s cooked with roasted tomatoes and garnished with parmesan shavings.


The Salmon with Salsa Verde it’s terrific! You have the option for it be fried or grilled. We have it grilled and it was cooked with skin and it was crispy. The Salsa Verde is yummy and a great combination with it indeed! Through tasting, I can say it’s a mixture of olive oil, chopped mint leaves and lemon juice. It was served with grilled veggies and crowned with cucumber curls.


I exclusively ordered fries for our son to munch in and this is so tasty and different. They don’t cook it on a normal way. It made me remember the fries we had last time in Cafe 302 in Al Maha Arjaan. It’s close to that taste. The fries was with chopped parsley and it really gives out an authentic taste served with a pail of ketchup (a tiny one 😊)


We tried also the Ceasar Salad with Chicken. It’s very delicious as well having big chunks of bread, crunchy lettuce, very nice ceasar dressing and parmesan shavings.



I missed pancakes so when I saw this I asked for the Ricotta Panckaes. It’s served with honeycomb butter, banana, berries and maple syrup. It was a craving satisfaction.


For drinks we had the Wild Mint (Lemon&Mint) and for a change I took the Salted Caramel Frappe as recommended by Thola and it was really good! This is why I like it when I use recommendations. And of course, that only means their staff is knowledgeable of their menu. One more I asked from her is for the dessert.


She recommended the Frozen Winter. This is a profiteroles filled with tahitian vanilla ice cream and 3 other kinds of ice cream served with peaches, meringues and creme anglaise sauce. It’s perfect relishing it with your partner, while picking and saying “this is for you and this is for me” and so elegant! Very instagrammable too!


Our son in between was given a stacking game by one of the staffs. It was kind enough of her to give something that will make our son entertained and busy with.


Overall, it was a pleasure having our lunch in Paper Fig. It’s a place where you can let the time pass and relax on your weekend or even after your work. The place is spacious enough to accommodate different numbers of guests. It provides free wifi and it has some outlets for charging that you can usually find underneath the tables nearby the walls.

Paper Fig can cater for you whenever you need it. This is the best way to let your family, friends and relatives to share their scrumptious and sumptuous delicacies during your special occasion. Catch them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and of course check their website. You can find more information about their menu and services there.

Paper Fig Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



  1. As u said the interir looks awesome and so the yummy food. What made me curious to try is Frozen winter, the detailing is so perfect.hope so to try it soon


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